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Bill Burris (wburris) | 248 comments Mod
Add your book suggestions for our Oct book of the month poll. The poll will run Sept 1 to 7.

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Bill Burris (wburris) | 248 comments Mod
A couple of times recently our monthly selection has turned out to not be readable unless you have some specialist knowledge on that topic. I was probably the one who suggested those books in the first place. The mistake I made was just looking at the title and topic and not investigating the exact nature of the book.

A couple of things everyone can do to reduce this problem in the future, is to add your suggestions to these monthly suggestion discussions and to vote on the polls.

We often only get 2 votes, then I add a 3rd vote to break the tie. More votes would ensure that I am not the one choosing our book of the month.

We keep getting new members, so hopefully some of you will step up and lead the discussions, since I am no good at that.

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Vidya (vidyabhandary) | 77 comments Lots of good book suggestions this time !

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