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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 101 comments Yellow Dancer walked down the street with grace. Her silver hair flowed down her back loosely as her pale skin shimmered in the sunlight. She wore a simple ice blue gown that if it were darker it would match her sparkling sapphire eyes. As she walked she hummed one of the many songs that she knew. She paused at a dress shop to look in the window then moved to enter the shop. Once inside she paused to take in her surroundings.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 101 comments "Hello.... Nice to meet you..." Yellow Dancer said softly. "I'm not sure, I'm new in town...." She smiled gently. "Is there anything interesting that's going on?" She moved further into the store.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 101 comments (I have to go offline for a while but I will post later.)

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 101 comments "Yes, a new dress..." Yellow Dancer said. "A new dress would be a nice change...." She paused and sighed. "You'll have to forgive me, I've had to much travel and I sometimes forget to introduce myself." She smiled gently. "I am Yellow Dancer, Noble Performer of the Fine Arts." She told Finnika.

(Sorry for the delay in replying.)

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 101 comments Yellow dancer thought about it. It had been a while since she had gotten anything new. She also knew that she would need something nice in case she performed for nobles and royals. She smiled. "How much for both?" She asked softly. "Also do you by chance make dresses?"

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 101 comments "You are very talented." Yellow Dancer replied. "I understand the prices. I will need four dresses, two that are already made and two that custom made. They can be of a design the style of the custom dresses as you feel would best suit me." She said softly. "Would you be willing to remake a dress?" She asked.

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 101 comments "Yes, I have this dress that is important to me..." Yellow Dancer said softly. "It's now worn and damage..... But I don't know if it can even be saved. But I think that if I had one made exactly like it...." She paused. "I have a drawing of it..." She said as she opened a pouch she had. She pulled out the paper. "This is what the dress looks like.
( https://www.daevasreport.com/wp-conte... ) She told Fin showing her the drawing. "But it's ok if you don't want to do it." She said cheerfully. "I think maybe I should try on the already made ones to see what I look like in them.... if that's ok."

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 101 comments (I want to apologize for not posting. I'm having issues with replying to some Roleplays and have only been able to reply to a few. Also I will be gone this Saturday, August 11 to the next Saturday, August 18th. I'll post when I get back and hopefully by then whatever is going on with me will be gone. Thank you for understanding.)

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 101 comments Yellow Dancer didn't flinch when Fin suddenly took the picture. "I think I'll try on the already made dresses before we start the other.... That way we have time for both." She smiled brightly. It felt so good to just be her. She needed this because of the stress that she had dealt with lately.

(Sorry I took so long)

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 101 comments Catching the dress Yellow Dancer smiled and gave a nod. She looked over the dress a moment before she looked at Fin as she spoke. She just chuckled as she moved to the dressing room. She soon was out of her clothes and in the dress. She stepped out of the dressing room to look in a mirror. "What do you think?"

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 101 comments (Doesn't matter really)

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Priscilla Sage (priscillasage) | 101 comments (Ok?)

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