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M.C. | 5 comments Hi there!
I'm looking for a beta reader for a New Adult Romance completed MS set in college. I need someone who is willing to provide in-line comments, critique, and minor proofing. Specifically, I'd like to discuss continuity, flow and plot development and an overall assessment of each chapter so I can get it off to an editor and publish by years end.

Serious beta offers only please. Thank you!


Sometimes love just isn't enough. Isn't that how that old song goes? It certainly wasn't enough for Leah Gallagher's first (and only) boyfriend and he'd been her best friend. It's taken her 3 years to try a relationship again but when she does finally take the leap with Caleb Reed, the result is a fire and passion she never dreamed possible.

But is it enough?

When Leah and Caleb's relentless pasts and fears threaten to tear them apart, is the love they feel for each other strong enough to last or will they end up shattered and broken?

message 2: by Eric (new)

Eric Peterson | 20 comments Be more than happy to take a look at your work for you. The length of the work dictates how long it will take me to get it back to you of course. I usually can do 75-80k word counts in about 2 weeks time.

Typically I do line by line comments as well as full summaries of the entire work in a separate file.

If you still need a beta reader, feel free to send it over at

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