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Karri (karribooklover) | 11 comments Mod
The Museum of Extraordinary Things episode will premier September 1 2018 when we have a recording date set we will let you know so you can get your answers in before we record!

1.Describe the first chapter in one word. Did it draw you in or make you want to put it down?

2. Who was your favorite character?

3. Who would you marry, drink with, and kill?
Drink with-

4. At which point of the book were you most engaged? Felt dragged on?

5. If you were in charge of casting the movie version of this book, who would you cast as each character?

6. If you had to trade placed with any character in the book, who would you choose and why? Which character would your personality match with?

7. If you could write one more chapter after the ending, what would you write?

8. Describe how you felt about the ending of the book in one word.

9.What character do you think would enjoy this drink? (We will reveal the chosen drink during the podcast but we would love your drink suggestions! Please let us know how the drink you picked related to the book!)

Karri, Ava, and Phila will all have their own question for the group which they will reveal on the podcast! If you come up with a good question of your own we may discuss it during the podcast!

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Karri (karribooklover) | 11 comments Mod
We will record this podcast on August 24th! Have any questions of your own you want us to answer on air? Have a great answer to one our discussion questions? Let us know! We would love to pick out some of your answers and questions to discuss during the podcast!

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Karri (karribooklover) | 11 comments Mod
This episode launches tomorrow! Keep an eye out here to find out all of our answers to the discussion questions! Also please use this area to vote....should Phila and Ava have taken a shot at the end of the episode? I vote YES!

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Karri (karribooklover) | 11 comments Mod
1. Curious. It drew me in.
2. Maureen- such a good person
Drink with-Beck
Kill-The Professor
4. The middle dragged on for me, however I was pretty engaged in most of the book.
5. Mr Morris-Clive Owen- He's perfect!
6. Hochman-he seems to really be able to read people and situations. My personality really doesn't match with any of the characters.
7. No next chapter needed. =)
8. Happy
9.Maureen-its pretty but straightforward. She would appreciate that.
10. Do you think the professor ever viewed Coralie as a real daughter? I do not! He was a sleaze ball!

I want to know what all of you think!

Phila | 14 comments Mod
1) Invigorating (Captivating, if i could choose a second word)
Drew me in Quickly *with a serious tone*
2) Eddie
3) Marry? Eddie
Drink with? Coralie
Kill? Harry
4) I was Pretty Engaged most of the book (especially when she starts to stand up to her "father"), there were parts I wish I could have just slept threw but I really liked this book!
5) I would Cast Vanessa Hudgens as Coralie
6) Maureen, strong willed and speaks her mind!
7) If I had to write any more, I would add a chapter about what happened to the other people at the museum (I really hope they all have Happy endings as well)
8) Relieved, everything worked out in the end
9) The Hermit
10) What Happened to Miss Block in California? I am Hoping she started some civil rights activism and became quite successful despite being a woman!

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