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message 1: by Meyer (new)

Meyer | 14 comments Does anyone know a site or resource to find a pen (email) pal which isn't people looking for inappropriate conversation or folks from third world countries trying to solicit funds!?!

Just looking to build email friendship and discuss books and general nonsense.


message 2: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper | 16565 comments I don't know a specific site for that. We had a link to an online chat site, but the poster seems to have taken it down, so I assume it became inactive. I'm told Tapas has some active conversation threads about the stories featured there.

You could try finding someone here who sounds interesting or has similar interests. You can consider the Pride Reads posts or the Which YA are you currently reading thread, to see opinions on books. Comment back or contact someone carefully. PMing on GR is a start with more anonymity than email, and once you feel each other out, moving to emails may be comfortable. Back off if someone isn't interested.

I encourage people, especially teens, to be very cautious with online privacy. Consider throwaway email addresses. Several of my most cherished friendships have started with online conversation. I have good friends I've now spent time with in real life that I met here on Goodreads. But I also knew and was friendly with at least 4 significant catfishers, and we have had three older guys who pursued teen guys inappropriately. So have fun, but keep a layer of protection in place.

message 3: by Meyer (new)

Meyer | 14 comments thanks for those very important comments!!

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