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Post your thoughts and comments here about Heroes and Monsters

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Chrissy (ladynovella) | 64 comments Mod
Here is my review of the Heroes and Monsters collection (copied from my review on the book's main GR page) -

It's been a while since I've read any Doctor Who short fiction and I think this one hit all my good buttons. Of course, with any collection of short stories you'll have ups and downs, but there were more ups than not in this one.

I'll just put a few reviews of the ones I liked the best, in no particular order -

Amy's Escapade/Rory's Adventure - These two tied in so nicely and the concept was so great that I wish they could have been a two-parter in the TV show.

Buyer's Remorse - The TARDIS ends up on an auction block and the Doctor has to stop someone else from buying it. Extra points because it was the Twelfth Doctor and, again, I wish this could have been an episode on TV. Or even a short episode for Children in Need or something like that. If Peter Capaldi could have had excellent writing like that in his run, so many things would have been much better.

The Final Darkness - It's "The Christmas Invasion" from the Sycorax POV. I probably enjoyed it more than I should have.

Normality - Clara takes something she's learned from the Doctor and in turn teaches it to her students. A nice, relaxing story reminding us why the Doctor is so awesome.

Most Beautiful Music - Another great concept that would have been neat to see on TV. The twist probably would have been difficult to maintain, but these descriptions are so wonderful that I would like to see them visualized (then again, the reality probably wouldn't be as good as my imagination, so never mind).

The Hero Factor - The Tenth Doctor and Rose are always delightful and this story was a treat. As much as the Big Finish Ten/Rose boxed set disappointed me (not in the mood to argue about this, folks), this helped renew my faith in the pair. The spirit of their dynamic was very much present in this story, which is what I missed in their Big Finish outing.

Those are my thoughts on this collection. Other people probably have their favorites and that's great. That's how story collections are supposed to go.

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