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message 1: by Shae (new)

Shae | 43 comments Welcome to BR(#1) thread ;)

message 3: by Prem (new)

Prem (toprem) | 42 comments @Akshaya @Sanjana Share your book choice too

message 4: by Shae (new)

message 5: by Shae (new)

Shae | 43 comments The above small list is my immediate tbr.. Any books from that would be good :) Also I wanted to start with Neil Gailman. So any book by him is also fine

message 6: by Ipshita (new)

Ipshita (miss_romanceaholic) | 2701 comments Mod
Hi guys, please try to send a message to your team mates if they don't check in soon. They might not remember that the BR teams have been announced.

In case any of the members fail to show up, let me know. Thanks!

message 7: by Prem (new)

Prem (toprem) | 42 comments Akshaya wrote: "The above small list is my immediate tbr.. Any books from that would be good :) Also I wanted to start with Neil Gailman. So any book by him is also fine"

Seems Sanjana didnt replied. Lets start with Night?

message 8: by Jatin (new)

Jatin | 91 comments Hi, just checking in. Akshaya, on your list, I find the Martian. Would like to read it. Prem, what do you think ?

message 9: by Prem (new)

Prem (toprem) | 42 comments @jatin r u part of buddy list ? Can u check with group admin

message 10: by Ipshita (new)

Ipshita (miss_romanceaholic) | 2701 comments Mod
Your group has 4 members, we had 13 participants so I had to form one group with 4 instead of 3.

message 11: by Shae (new)

Shae | 43 comments Akshaya wrote: "my tbr"

Hi Jatin, I have already read that book.. the above is the list of books that I would prefer to read or a book by Neil Gailman... However, if the other two people are willing to read Martian...well, I can re-read it for company :P

message 12: by Prem (new)

Prem (toprem) | 42 comments My apologies... I didn't read heading properly

message 13: by Shae (new)

Shae | 43 comments Hi buddies !

I tried comparing our individual bookshelves and randomly chose a handful of books. See if any of these interests you and we can start with it !

1) The Rosie Project
2) My Grandmother asked me to tell you she's sorry
3) A Gentleman in Moscow
4) The Night Circus
5) The Martian (it's on Prem's to read too)
6) The Girl On The Train

message 14: by Shae (new)

Shae | 43 comments Ofcourse, u can post some books on comparing our bookshelves :) Or can suggest any additions

message 15: by Jatin (new)

Jatin | 91 comments I vote for My Grandmother asked me to tell you she's sorry

message 16: by Jatin (new)

Jatin | 91 comments I went through Akshaya's bookshelf and ...

Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things

Can we read this please!?? Please... Pleeaaassee..

I have always wanted to read a book about depression, but the ones I tried to read were too depressing. This one seems to be just in the sweet spot. And it seems real. And no one can resist a 'feel good' book can they .. it's like dark chocolate .. we can never have enough.

P.S. : I have read the Rosie Project. It's a nice feel good book if you are a nerd, secretly want someone to love you, but no one can penetrate past your exterior and your quirks, and you want to feel some hope. A lot of us are like that so I guess that makes this book a winner :)

message 17: by Shae (new)

Shae | 43 comments Hehe...I just finished reading Rosie Project too.... :P I went out of station for a day and downloaded this for travel... It was a pleasant book like you said.. ;) Yeah I wanted to read Furiously happy for the same reason.. okay, I second it.. what about prem and sanjana?

message 18: by Shae (new)

Shae | 43 comments Prem is also fine with Furiously Happy I guess...so we can go ahead and procure a copy...we can start reading in the next two to three days... :)

message 19: by Jatin (new)

Jatin | 91 comments :)

message 20: by Shae (new)

Shae | 43 comments Am thinking to start Furiously Happy today :) Anyone ready yet?

message 21: by Jatin (last edited Aug 14, 2018 10:57AM) (new)

Jatin | 91 comments I just started!

I must say it starts off on a crazy high I couldn't have imagined in any book. Very unique and inspiring writing style - as in, normally when I think of a book or a piece of writing, I think of a 'polished' product, that is why writers often face 'writer's block' or they fail to put their best ideas in front. This style is one of the rare examples of when an unpolished, irreverent style can succeed, when it comes from a clear heart!

I find it directly inspiring since I'm writing my thesis which is due on March 31, 2018 (that was not a typo) :P

message 22: by Jatin (new)

Jatin | 91 comments One of the things I find very relatable is the author's quote when people ask her things like "How can she be anxious when things are looking so good". and the author says that that's exactly what anxiety does to you, it lies to you that there's something to be anxious about when there isn't.

As I read along, the feeling I get is this - it takes a crazy mind to suffer from severe anxiety and mild depression (like the author's), but it *also* takes a crazy mind to handle the problem! So in other words, the disease sort of itself provides a backdoor to manage it and overcome it. The author's idea is to be just crazy enough to solve the problem, that's why she advocates 'furious happiness'. It takes a crazy mind to be happy even when a friend has died (as when she talks about her husband giving her this information), but that's what It takes to beat anxiety and depression. It's like one of the tools for beating anxiety lies inside the craziness of anxiety itself!

The other thing I gather is her idea of going by the positives, like she talks about how her time spent with her parents and family is the most memorable happy part of her life, and it keeps her going. I once read a book called 'The Big Switch' where the author speaks about ways to solve a big humongous problem. The author says in that book that one key tool is to not solve the problem top down going by it's scale, but look instead at the silver linings, and try to expand them, try to scale up the small things that work. This resonates with the Furiously Happy author's idea that one should really build up from little moments of furious happiness, and expand them, like time spent with family, time spent having fun prancing around with her dead (honestly that still creeps me out) animals, and use them as a stepping stone to victory; rather than trying to solve the problems of anxiety and depression purely in a top down analytical calculus or balance sheet problem kind of way.

message 23: by Shae (new)

Shae | 43 comments The energy of the book is different, it's like meeting a hyperactive person and trying to handle that energy :P I agree about the not expecting polished work...when I read her random 2 am thoughts as a part of the book, I was so *don't know the exact word for it...let's assume* amazed that it really is a chapter in that book...! I am thinking what if her being furiously happy is another form of her anxiety and mania...?! Cz I have seen people with depression be maniacally happy at times for no reason...so can this be Cz of her anxiety's unexpected side effect...?

message 24: by Jatin (new)

Jatin | 91 comments Yes! And In fact, it's incredible that she channels this side of her problems into something as productive as published work, instead of letting it drive her down the deep end.

message 25: by Shae (new)

Shae | 43 comments That's true

message 26: by Prem (new)

Prem (toprem) | 42 comments Akshaya wrote: "Am thinking to start Furiously Happy today :) Anyone ready yet?"

Not yet started... but will start by this Saturday or Sunday.

message 27: by Shae (new)

Shae | 43 comments Oh my God...m breaking into fits of laughter in my office, where m sneakily reading this book...it kind of spoils the whole secrecy about reading this book when I am supposed to be working ! *Sigh* I have read 30% now... How much have you guys read? @Prem, sure..Welcome to the read... :)

message 28: by Shae (new)

Shae | 43 comments It's crazy... How can a book make you laugh and make you sad back to back?!

message 29: by Jatin (new)

Jatin | 91 comments Akshaya wrote: "Oh my God...m breaking into fits of laughter in my office, where m sneakily reading this book...it kind of spoils the whole secrecy about reading this book when I am supposed to be working ! *Sigh*..."

Haha, it's going to get worse soon. I'm at 45%.

Welcome, Prem :)

I think it's because she writes about real life :) That's how life is, it makes you laugh and sad back to back … truth is stranger than fiction, except when fiction captures the truth!

message 30: by Shae (new)

Shae | 43 comments Ahh...well said.. am @63%...and it's really engaging...it's funny throughout..I think m able to laugh at her narratives bcz I don't feel like I am reading a book..it's more like hanging out with that one hyper friend of yours, whom you are really fond of, so then you find humour in things that she says is hilarious...also I was really touched and close to tears by her interview chapter..(won't go into much detail, in the off chance that it might become a spoiler ) if u have read it..then I guess you guys would know why I say that...

message 31: by Jatin (new)

Jatin | 91 comments :).. this book has moved into my favourite five already. And there are so many lines that are gems. Ya.. it's amazing how wise she can be, how she doesn't use her mental illness as an excuse but simultaneously doesn't let it ruin her self esteem. To pull off that balance is an act of magic in my opinion.. and I think she accomplishes it by refusing to pigeonhole herself into any track of thought about her mental illness because any such track of thought would also be a trick played by the mental illness itself. So she keeps varying her attacks so that her mental illness is unable to keep up! She must understand the mental illness but the very act of trying to understand tricks her, so she has to keep playing this subtle dance. This is why she must interlace the interview chapter with other not serious ones .. it's not just her quirk but her way to battle!

message 32: by Jatin (new)

Jatin | 91 comments Note that playing this dance.. switching her modes .. also costs her spoons!.. that is not only does her anxiety reduce the number of spoons available .. the spoons to fight anxiety also come from the reduced pool, which make the act all the more tragic and brave.

message 33: by Jatin (new)

Jatin | 91 comments Again, I won't give away what spoons are.. read the interview chapter :)

message 34: by Shae (new)

Shae | 43 comments Exactly, the maturity it takes to have written about the mental illness that tricks you into falsifying beliefs in one thing.. But the experience that she would have had, that led to this profound and strong rebel against such falsifying thoughts, is painstaking to imagine...

message 35: by Jatin (new)

Jatin | 91 comments I don't know how to feel about the fact that I can relate to everything she has written. Right down to the question she posted on her blog for readers to answer! Another thing is that I am not sure to what extent humour and furious happiness is a strong defence, because I think after a short while, the snake of anxiety and depression strikes there too and leaves one bereft and worse than before. If this sounds unbelievable, you just have to look at the pictures of suicide victims who were laughing and smiling a day before they took their lives. And maybe hints of this happening are also there in this book, subtle hints, like
(view spoiler) .. okay maybe this is all in my head and not in the author's :) .. at least I hope so.

message 36: by Shae (new)

Shae | 43 comments Actually even I felt spooky that I was able to relate to her...I guess that's why this book has good reach and reviews... Cz somewhere it addresses the silent demon inside everyone...it reaches out to it and that's why her writing hits home hard...

Yeah she also talks of days where she let's the depression win...and she comes down to the safety of her home and bed...those are the times when, like u pointed, her anxiety might have sneaked in...but she has the courage to come past those times and strike back to striving a normal life...

message 37: by Shae (new)

Shae | 43 comments I just finished the book.., with lots of tears and a big relief at heart (for no apparent reason).. It was a great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it !! Thank you Jatin for suggesting this book for August BR..
Right now I am out of words to describe how I feel or what am thinking...Probably we can talk of it when u finish (which I guess u might have) and share something about it :)

message 38: by Jatin (new)

Jatin | 91 comments I'm really glad you felt that way. I'm not finished yet, caught in another flagging thesis sprint so not read for two days, but books are my alcohol, and I'm going to read it no matter how dire my work situation, I really cannot help it. Better reading than youtube/series/quora/reddit is what I tell myself. And honestly, this book is an inspiration to me. Her mad style is just like brainstorming with your best friend in a totally unabashed manner. In fact, it has already helped me, I have been applying some of the thoughts in some sense in my thesis writing. Telling myself that my inner subconscious defeatism is just a demon lying to me, and it's not real, no matter what impression I get from it or my advisor. And the guilt I feel for my mistakes is also a demon and not worth keeping in front of my mind, no matter how crazy that might seem. In fact, I have been trying work in the craziest manner possible to beat writer's block. Writing stuff that I know might be wrong just for the heck of writing, to feel good. Calling up people and talking to them and not hating myself for the time lost. Accepting my difficulty in time estimates, and trying to circumvent it by awareness, trying to be mentally agile and talking to people who are good for me, instead of constantly chastising myself for it.

message 39: by Shae (new)

Shae | 43 comments Touchè... Well said...!! Books are the best thing that can ever happen to anyone...! Exactly, I think the real struggle is to identify and distinguish our negative thought and plagiarize them as statements from our demon.. once we are able to do it, we are halfway ahead of our demons already... It's nice to see that you are not stopping by reading it and u are taking the influence, Inspiration one step ahead and using it to fuel your writing goals...! Kudos for that !!

message 40: by Jatin (new)

Jatin | 91 comments Thank you so much :)

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