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Paul | 108 comments Mod
Warning do not read these questions till you have finished the book, since they will contain spoilers. I created these questions as a jumping off point for people to discuss attributes of the book. Feel free to answer any ones you like or add to it and discusss any book topics not covered here and I will cover them In the live show august 16th.

The outsiders
discussion questions.

1)In The beginning chapter of the book we find out the crime that the character Terry maitland is being charged for. We get a series of interviews where different people talk about their recollections and all agree about seeing him. How did you feel about this intro into the crime and the evidence they had against him?
2)The police detectives decided to make a public showing of arresting Terry in the middle of a baseball game in front of a large group of people. How did you feel about that? Do you understand why they did it?
3)How much do you think the media frenzy caused by the arrest contributed to the deaths of frank's family?
4)Did you expect Terry to get killed?
5)We find out later that the “creature” “el cuco” was there at the shooting and feed of the feelings of others? Do you believe this Is part of the creatures plan to have mass exposure to cause all this strife in the community.
6)Ralph is conflicted about what happened? Trying to justify the arrest even going so far as to try and coerce a confession from Terry during his last breath. I found this scene to be really hard to read and angered me? How did it make you feel?
7)We get introduced To Holly from the Bill Hodges trilogy of book? For those that didn't read these books did you feel like you missed out on somethings? For those that did how did you feel about the outcome of the characters from those books? Also how did you feel about Holly in general as a character?
8)The creature Employs “jack” to help him do his dirty work of stopping his pursuers in what I consider Typical “Stephen King” style. Use an outside agent to become the threat the protagonist don't see coming. How did you feel about the whole Skin Cancer ploy the creature used on Jack?
9)Have you ever heard of this type of creature before? I haven't. How creepy was it? Any other thoughts about this creature in general?
10) And finally How satisfied were you with the resolution/ending of the story. General likes and dislikes about it not covered in these questions feel free to express.

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Yankee Southerner Reads   (paulsreadingretreat) 1) I thought it was a good line making you think it really was Terry.
2) The cops did it I think for two reasons the first they were scared, 2 they were trying to make a statement because of the crime.
4) yes
5)I believe the creature is just trying to survive the only way it knows how.
6)That is exactly a cop would handled it so they could put the case to rest.
7)I haven't read that trilogy yet but I enjoyed Holly's character.
8)Like you said it is a Typical style with most legends which is pointed out in the book, as far as the skin cancer ploy I thought it was great because he was scared of it and would do anything to get rid of it.
9)I have but I try to study all types of folklore for my own writing.
10) I thought the ending was good, not great but good. it could be because King is a panzer and not a plotter

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Shannon (musingsofacat) 1. I loved this as an intro, it really sucked me in and besides necessary things like chores and taking care of my daughter, I couldn't put the book down. The evidence was perfect, so I was immediately concerned it was too perfect.
2. I understand why they made the arrest so public, but (I think I mentioned this in one of the chunk discussions) it would have been better, even if it was straightforward and he did do it, to have made sure to dot and cross before the arrest. Hard to avoid in the situation but too much emotion got involved I think.
3. I think the media frenzy contributed the least. /El Cuco/ said he poked in their heads. That combined with grief, along with the obesity and diabetes for the mom, were the main factors I think.
4. I didn't expect Terry to get killed. At that point, I was still at 'maybe supernatural' though. I'm not sure but I think if I had realized by then that it was definitely supernatural I might have expected it a bit more.
5. I think he planned some strife, but primarily with the victim's and their families. I think the small town, big arrest, horrible crime, media frenzy mess just made too big of a buffet for him to stay away from.
6. I didn't have any strong feelings for this scene, it seemed perfectly reasonable and in character.
7. I wished I had known this was a series prior to reading it. I prefer to read series' in order. I plan to go back and read the others. I loved Holly! She was my favorite character and I can't wait to read more of her.
8. I'm still wondering if Jack really did have skin cancer or not. I see it as definitely within the realm of possibility, but I would have liked to see a sentence in the epilogue saying that it showed up in the autopsy or something. I was a bit disappointed to not have that tied up.
9. I hadn't heard of it before and I'm a pretty big mythology geek. I looked it up, nothing too in depth, and it seems to originate in Portugal and this very specific part of Spain (which I also hadn't heard of) called Galicia. It seems, from what I read at least, that the earliest reference is in the 17th century. It got mainly to modern Hispanic areas from there, but not ALL modern Hispanic areas, which I find quite interesting as well. Why did some cultures keep it, spread it, and others not? Definitely at least check the Wikipedia page, it's quite interesting.
As for how creepy it was, to me at least, it was primarily intriguing. I did notice that in this story while it has aspects of different supernatural creatures we're more familiar with, the shapeshifter aspect is closest to what I saw in the Supernatural (show) episodes.
10. I was pretty satisfied with the ending. As I said, it coasted, but it was still quite good.

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Shannon (musingsofacat) Samuel wrote: "1) I thought it was a good line making you think it really was Terry.
2) The cops did it I think for two reasons the first they were scared, 2 they were trying to make a statement because of the cr..."

I'm curious where you've read about /El Cuco/ before?

Yankee Southerner Reads   (paulsreadingretreat) I can't remember where I have read about it before since it been years ago but Wikipedia as stuff on it
The Coco (or Cuco, Coca, Cuca, Cucuy, Cucuí) is a mythical ghost-monster, equivalent to the bogeyman, found in many Latino and Lusophone countries. He can also be considered a Latino version of a bugbear,[1] as it is a commonly used figure of speech representing an irrational or exaggerated fear. The Coco is a male being while Coca is the female version of the mythical monster, although it is not possible to distinguish one from the other as both are the representation of the same being.

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