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July 2018: Dystopian > World War Z by Max Brooks 3 stars

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message 1: by DianeMP (new)

DianeMP | 390 comments I usually do not read a book if I've seen the movie first. But, having enjoyed the movie so much I was curious as to how it compared to the novel. Not knowing what to expect I was quite surprized at the differences. First of all the book's narrator is no Brad Pitt. That aside, the telling of the story as presented in the book is a collection of first person accounts of encounters with "zombies". In order to make the storyline easier to follow in the movie, the viewer follows the investigation of one U. N. physician as he first tries to discover patient "zero." What follows is a very long series of the narrator's interviews with those individuals who survived the Zombie War.
I gave the book 3 stars as it was somewhat entertaining and an easy read to follow. It will be, I have no doubt, my first and last distopian zombie story for quite sometime.

message 2: by KateNZ (new)

KateNZ | 2207 comments You’re braver than I am, Diane! At least you were prepared to voluntarily read a zombie novel. I must admit that I’ve read The Girl With All The Gifts and really liked it, but I’d never have picked it up if I knew there was a zombie element to it (yup, I didn’t read the GR synopsis, lol)

message 3: by annapi (new)

annapi | 4851 comments LOL I'm not a zombie fan either, and I also read TGWATG without knowing anything about it, and I really enjoyed it.

message 4: by Steve (new)

Steve | 6 comments Yeah world war z the book is nothing like the movie. Better in my opinion if a bit disjointed.
Has anyone taken a crack at iZombie?

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