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message 1: by Manikanta (last edited Jul 31, 2018 09:45PM) (new)

Manikanta (35manikanta) Hello ilse and Holly,

As you see my current reading list, i am reading Elon musk and Man's search for meaning.

Elon Musk Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance

Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

What you guys are upto?

message 2: by Ipshita (last edited Aug 02, 2018 04:52AM) (new)

Ipshita (miss_romanceaholic) | 2701 comments Mod
Hi Manikanta, please try to send a message to your team mates if they don't check in soon. They might not remember that the BR teams have been announced.

In case any of the members fail to show up, let me know. Thanks!

message 3: by Manikanta (new)

Manikanta (35manikanta) Hi Ipshita, i have already sent messages to both Ilse and Holly. lately, Ilse showed up.

We are planning to start a buddy read.

message 4: by Chinmay (new)

Chinmay Janbandhu | 22 comments Hey! Hi there! I hope I'm not late joining in, I was informed you'd expect me.

message 5: by Manikanta (new)

Manikanta (35manikanta) Hello Chinmay, Welcome to the Group!

I did message Ilse to join the discussion and hope she would join soon.

By the way, I have been reading Elon musk and Man's search for meaning. I hope to complete both of them in this month.

Would you be interested to read them?

message 6: by Chinmay (new)

Chinmay Janbandhu | 22 comments I found 'Mans search for meaning' quite interesting. I'll definately look around my bookshop.
But you see I love to read Mystery, Thriller, Suspense and such. For this month I'm reading
1. Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz
2. After the Funeral by Agatha Christie
3. Mystery of the Blue Train by Agatha Christie.

message 7: by Manikanta (new)

Manikanta (35manikanta) Great!, i saw you already read a couple of Agatha's books in your reading challenge.

I have this great plan, picking up a writer and read most of him/her writings in a single year. I am interested in Classic literature and Fiction.

message 8: by Chinmay (new)

Chinmay Janbandhu | 22 comments Ha! Exciting isn't it? I've been reading her books for a while now...I must say it gets on your mind and nerves.
I'd be happy to know which author you're gonna select as the genres are too good. Maybe we'll even discuss...

message 9: by Manikanta (new)

Manikanta (35manikanta) I would like to start with Russian authors. Want to select one of these three...Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Turgenev.

Have you read any of their books? How did you find them?

message 10: by Chinmay (new)

Chinmay Janbandhu | 22 comments Great choice indeed! Ive just ordered Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Had a suggestion my feed. So I'll go with him first. Also Tolstoy we had a lesson in our english syllabus so I'm quite familiar. Never heard of turgenev.

message 11: by Manikanta (last edited Aug 09, 2018 08:44PM) (new)

Manikanta (35manikanta) Ok!, Brothers Karamazov is already in my want to read list. I'll check if I get a kindle copy and let me know when you start reading it.

message 12: by Manikanta (new)

Manikanta (35manikanta) Hey Chinmay, I see a download eBook option (check below link) for the book but was unsuccessful downloading it due to some error. Have you tried?

The Brothers Karamazov

message 13: by Chinmay (new)

Chinmay Janbandhu | 22 comments Worked for me my friend. But I'll still wait for my order in the bookshop. Meanwhile I've been searching about Ivan Turgenev and I must say I am fascinated. I'll start with Fathers and Sons next month. Currently I'm lined up with 3 books I mentioned. We can discuss 2 I think with the time at hand. Lemme know


message 14: by Manikanta (new)

Manikanta (35manikanta) sure chinmay, I ll also complete my current readings and then start brothers Karamazov.

message 15: by Manikanta (new)

Manikanta (35manikanta) hey, I am able to download brothers Karamazov, converted and loaded into my kindle....

message 16: by Chinmay (new)

Chinmay Janbandhu | 22 comments Great! Or I could've just mailed it to you or something? Anyways I'll let you know when I start for I haven't got a confirmation for my order. It'll take a while I guess.
Besides, I'd like to explore more authors, you fancy some?

message 17: by Manikanta (new)

Manikanta (35manikanta) Till date I am not really fascinated with writings (in fact, I have only read about 51 books from multiple genres) by an author that I have read. But I liked the writings of Robin cook and Dan Brown.

I am still exploring...

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