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P.A. Wikoff | 2 comments So...

There were two editions of my book "The Harrowed Half-Breed." They would not let me combine the two due to one having a "P.A." in my name and the other a "PA" without the periods. Where I went wrong was contacting Goodreads instead of the wonderful librarians here ;)

The customer service guy said everything was fixed, BUT... He somehow combined one addition of my novella "The Harrowed Half-Breed" with a different one of my books "Anthology of Scrolls." Yikes! There are now reviews for both books on that one book's page.

I tried to separate them but it gives me a blank screen with no errors or indications that anything had happened. It is as if my computer is judging me for being stupid (which I think it is).

This is one of those situations where you try and make something better and it ends up getting way worse.

Can some kind, and talented, librarian please help me sort out this mess?


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free (frdn) | 5196 comments fixed...

message 3: by P.A. (new)

P.A. Wikoff | 2 comments You did it! Thank you so much!!

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