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message 1: by Lanelle (new)

Lanelle Dear Enemy is the sequel to Jean Webster's novel Daddy-Long-Legs. First published in 1915, it was among the top ten best sellers in the US in 1916.

message 2: by Lanelle (new)

Lanelle How's everyone's reading coming along? I've made it to about the 4th letter (February 22), and I'm loving it. Maybe even more than Daddy-Long-Legs.

I especially love how Sallie describes the doctor, "...what is the matter with him? Has he committed some remorseful crime, or is his taciturnity due merely to his natural Scotchness? He's as companionable as a granite tombstone!"

message 3: by Lanelle (new)

Lanelle I just finished the book. I thought the story was great! Maybe even better than Daddy-Long-Legs. I've got more quotes to share with you.

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