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message 1: by Loretta, Moderator (new)

Loretta | 3971 comments Mod
Please use this thread for first impressions (non-spoilers), background and general information.

message 2: by Inkspill (new)

Inkspill (runinkspill) Oh neat, I think I have a copy of this play - Ummmm somewhere on my shelf - I'll see if I can find it :)

message 3: by Piyangie (new)

Piyangie | 436 comments The Cherry Orchard is the last play to be staged before Chekhov's death. It is one of the most popular plays of his. Recently finished reading and enjoyed it. Looking forward to views of fellow readers! :-)

message 4: by Marina (new)

Marina (sonnenbarke) | 429 comments I should have a book of collected plays by Chekhov, which is bound to include this one as well, since it is one the most popular, as Piyangie says. It should be at my parents' so I'll go get it when I visit them in a week time :)

message 5: by MJD (new)

MJD | 331 comments Just read it in one sitting today. I have read about it and skimmed it in theatre classes I took as an undergrad, but this was my first time actually sitting down and reading it as a whole. Great read.

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