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Lyn | 12 comments

Folder for my characters currently running through my head~

Some of these character have been thought of during the time that I was about to roleplay in a group or on a 1x1. But the collab never took off past the character profiles.

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Lyn | 12 comments [work in progress]

claim: secret magic
name: Jung Yul
fc: lee joongi
age: 27 ( something else depending on race)
gender: male
_doesn't know who his mother is, his father doesn't have any magic
_secretly trying to find out who his mother? is
_bit of a temper, only when provoked
_had a friend that grew up with him in the same village, he left a long time ago with his family, became wealthier
_has a history of people leaving him, therefore he doesn't trust people easily
_doesn't like to be tied down to anything
__wishes to study more magic

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