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message 1: by juno. (last edited Aug 28, 2018 09:06AM) (new)

juno. (junosummers) | 23 comments Mod

hello naughty children : )

edit: also line and discord r available upon request in case doing heavy duty chatting on gr is not ur cup of tea

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message 4: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) | 21 comments
juno omg i just realized you have tessa thompson and i have janelle monae and like... (view spoiler)
also i love all your other fcs and characters I can't even decide who I want to collab with they're all so great

message 5: by juno. (new)

juno. (junosummers) | 23 comments Mod
thank u thank u............take ur pick................ also yes i have tessa ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º )

message 6: by mels (last edited Sep 09, 2018 08:33AM) (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) | 21 comments
@juno ok i've spent like six hours staring at yours and my character profiles and i like still haven't made a decision bc i love them all

so like ava and robin is DEFINITELY happening no question about that like it's tessa and janelle come ON

also i want fizz for something rom but idk who i want to use for it your pick lmao

also idk why but i feel like rhonwyn and kelsey would be really good friends?? like they sat in the same compartment on the hogwarts express, were dormmates at hogwarts and they just clicked and rhonwyn dragged kelsey to all the quidditch matches and kelsey dragged rhonwyn along on all her hyjinks and they're such different people (especially now) but that doesn't change how much they care about each other? i'm really digging this and idk why

also i'm in love with corvia, sofie and lizzy but i can't decide what i want them for

message 7: by juno. (new)

juno. (junosummers) | 23 comments Mod
@meli uhhhh thank u they are all my good children

DEF def robin has no filter on her opinions i think ava would be very interested in them

fizz....fizz my good boy.... maybe sofia ?? they're both ravenclaws nerds so i think they'd get along

oooooh yes yes !!!!! a good old friendship is always fun especially Gryffindor Troublemakers

hmm i think any sort of relationship with corva would be relentlessly snarky... sofie is a very quiet person but very sweet when you get to know her i think !! lizzy has Opinions on Society but she's very friendly until u like, unlock friendship level 10 and then it's complaints about the wizarding world

message 8: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) | 21 comments
yesss ok I definitely want them to have some, like, crazy meetcute and when they do finally get together their relationship has a set expiration date bc ava is leaving for another continent eventually but then they fall in LOVE and she stays in london forever and they rule the world together eventually

oh gosh sofia and fizz would be SO CUTE. so i feel like they're a pretty established couple, like they met at hogwarts despite being a year apart and both had huge crushes on the other one and were super good friends and then they got together in sofia's sixth year and fizz's seventh and it was the best year ever but then he graduated so they had to go long distance for a year. and now she's graduated and they work at the ministry together and they're just the cutest and softest couple ever

yes!! gryffindor troublemakers friendship!! also kelsey has a really hard time being vulnerable but I feel like rhonwen would be, like, the one person she would let her guard down around and trust, because they've been friends for so long

ok so bryan and sofie are collegues so maybe we could do something there?? i feel like they wouldn't have talked much but there's TONS of unrequieted pining on bryan's side. like, seeing her everyday is pretty much the only thing keeping him from just disappearing into the muggle world never to return. he's just so fascinated by her and her looks and her brains and even though they've never even really had a real conversation beyond brief chats over work he's completely head over heels for her?

hmm we could maybe do something with cornell and corva? although he's, like, a completely irredeemable dick so idk how that would work. i'm also maybe feeling something with callista and her?? i'd have to age callista up a bit for that to work, though

and i still have like NO CLUE for lizzy - are there any of my characters you'd like for a collab with her?

sorry this is so late classes started this week and i'm like literally dead

message 9: by juno. (new)

juno. (junosummers) | 23 comments Mod
oh no that's cool !!! gr is a dick and didn't tell me this comment existed

uh YES robin and ava take over the world, absolutely the best pair ever

oWO that's sO adorable ??? i bet when they're both not busy at work they're finding excuses to see each other and bring each other drinks and snacks and aaAAAAAA

awww that's so sweet and i can definitely see it !!! i think rhonwen is just generally someone that you can feel like you can let your guard down around so that definitely helps!

i am enDEARED by the idea of bryan and sofie omg. she's such a soft person and i think every tiny little interaction with bryan would just make his pining for her even worse omg. i don't think it'd ever cross sofie's mind that someone would like her though so bryan would have to make it very obvious sldjfslk

I'm having fun imagining corva's scathing disdain for him honestly. like he's a completely terrible person which is fine bc some ppl are just terrible but i think corva just has a lot of fun telling him exactly what she thinks of him, regardless of her position as a black family member and his as a selwyn. also i think she'd definitely be very appreciative of callista !!! i feel like on one hand they'd be completely opposite ends of the muggleborn and pureblood spectrum but on the other hand they know what it's like to be crazy rich and influential so they'd definitely have a lot in common!

i was thinking maybe arya and lizzy ? as purebloods they'd probably have known each other since childhood but i think lizzy would be quite interested in arya's obsession with the muggle world? (this setup could work for a bunch of your other characters too so maybe you can take a look and see who else would work too?)

message 10: by mels (new)

mels (padmeskywalkers) | 21 comments
asdfghjkl i'm legit so excited for this they're literally gonna be the biggest power couple ever once they actually get together

oh gosh and they have lunch dates in the atrium together every day and eat their bagged lunches together and go for walks through muggle london i'm literally gonna cry thinking about how Soft and Pure their relationship is

yes!! i'm looking forward to this friendship

oh god the pining is going to be SO strong. like she'll say hi to him one morning and he'll spend, like, days agonizing over it. because holy shit. she said hi to him. and then she'll like, leave to go do something and he'll suddenly realize he never replied because he was too in awe that she spoke to him.

okok so i have ideas. so i feel like cornell is SO mystified by corva, like every other girl is at least eyeing him when he enters a room because he's hot, rich and powerful but she's the one girl who sees right through him and is like "nope." and he's been pretty into her since he first saw her since while he'll pretty much flirt with anything that moves the number of people he'd actually consider settling down with is pretty damn small since they have to be pure-blooded, gorgeous, intelligent, etc. and corva DEFINITELY checks off all those boxes. and there's also definitely the challenge of trying to get her that he loved because sure he could settle down and marry one of the other boring pureblood girls who flirt with him but what fun would that be? and he definitely wants someone who's on his level intellectually so that when he's inevitably minister he doesn't just have some pretty thing on his arm but someone who can actually help him rule the wizarding world and all that. and he's also SO confused by her because with her intellect she could be ANYTHING at the ministry and instead she's working in her parent's shop. so he drops by with job offers, like, all the time and asks her out like once a day and she's just filled with such utter loathing for him and it's hilarious.

oh yeah arya and lizzy could work well! bc arya's parents definitely make her go to all the pure-blood gatherings and stuff so they'd have seen each other there since they were little kids, and once arya found out that lizzy had even the SLIGHTEST interest in the muggle world she'd be, like, introducing her to starbucks and stuff and trying to teach her to use technology that she has no clue how to use herself

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