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ArmyVet | 162 comments ((just wondering can I find a photo for a house?))

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//Sure :) //

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ArmyVet | 162 comments

LUke finally arrive to the house with more drink and some snacks.

Jacus eyes was wide on how huge this house was. But, he remember that Luke said he work with the hospital so he must be getting a lot of money.

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Azure and Midori had left the bar shortly after Luke and Jacus, Midori had made sure Azure had sobered up enough to walk, he was still drunk, just a functional drunk. They knocked on the door and waited patiently.

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Jacus look up and look at Luke seeing that now his getting high. He shake his head and went to the door and open the door, “Hey Azure and I don’t think I got your name?” He smirk looking at Midori.

Luke was slowly walking to the front door. With his pet dog part Great Dane and half Doberman. He lean on Jacus, “Hey sexy Azure is back with his sexy bro.” He walk off being so blunt wasn’t his thing. But it the state he was.

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'Midori,' he smiled following Luke into the house with Azure behind him.
'We bought gifts too,' Azure cheered holding up two bags full of booze and snacks, 'just to keep the party going.'

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Luke look at them and smirk. This guys knew how to party. He walk up and grab a snack. Open it and start to snack on them. "lets take to the pool area." He was going all out.

Jacus look at Azure and Midori seeing which is more his type. He need to find a man. Just to make out or something. He want to party all night but, tomorrow is all about getting information. But right now fun time.

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Midori sighed, normally he'd be asleep by now but he needed to make sure Azure would be okay,
'Lead the way captain!' Azure called grabbing a bottle of booze and following Luke out.

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Luke arrive to the pool area and totally forgot about everyone. He strip completely nude jump into the pool. He sureface facing away from everyone. He had a really curve and muscle body for someone so tall and thin. He turned around and just widen his eyes and shrug.

Jacus follow him to the pool area and when Luke strip his moth drop couldn’t believe what he just saw.

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Azure shrugged stripping down to his boxers and jumping in, Midori opted for one of the pool chairs instead, leaning back and relaxing with a breath,
'This is better,' he smiled stretching his arms out above him.

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Luke made a cute and strange noise when Azure jump into the pool with him. He really got embarrassed. Knowing they were both nude right now. He look around thinking what to do or say. He was getting a little hyper and having a small anxiety attack.

Jacus laughed at the seen that is folding infront of him. He walk and seat by Midori. "I see your the relaxing and chill one in the family huh?" He look at Midori trying to figure this guy out.

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'Absolutely. I'd much rather sleep than go out but someone needs to look after the moron in blue,' Midori chuckled.
'Don't look so scared, I don't bite,' Azure threw his head back laughing before he started to swim slow laps in the pool.

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Jacus shurg to like to know this guy even though his a ghoul. He always saw there species more attractive. But, knowing Luke like both this guys. He step back and let Luke find the right one he want. He look at Midori, "SO how old are you? What kind of job do you have?" He was just curious.

LUke start to get super red and swim to the edge of the pool wanting to get out. When he got to the corner. He saw his otter ran and jump in the pool out of nowhere. He smirk and start to swim with him. He forgot about his many exotic animals he had.

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'I'm 21 and I don't work, working in general is a hard thing for my family and I, we're too easily noticed.' He shrugged, 'yourself?'
Azure pushed himself onto the side of his pool using his rinkaku and watched Luke swim with the otter for a while.

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Jacus lean over Midori. “your closer to my age. I am 25 and I’m a Hitman for Luke’s family. I get paid a lot. But honestly seems like Luke gets pay way more than me.” He smile happily for finally being around others he trust.

Luke swim to the edge and got up and didn’t mean to. He grab beer and chug some vodka and lean over again and kiss Midori. He seat on the other side.

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'That was unexpected,' Midori jerked up startled, he lay back, 'Azure's the hitman in our family and I must say he is rather good.' Azure stayed sat on the side of the pool his feet dangling in the water.

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Luke lean over again totally forgot his nake. He got up seat down on Midori and kiss his neck. He want to get an idea if he was into guys too or what.

Jacus look at Azure with an eyebrow raised, “I like to meet him and have a challenge with him one day!”

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'Deal,' Azure smirked devilishly, 'And Luke, I don't think brother dearest swings our way,' he winked.
'I don't know Azure if I squint real hard he looks like a girl,' Midori chuckled squingting.

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Jacus smirk he always love a challenge since he learn how to perfect his job. He yelled, "If I win. You go to be with me or Luke your choice." He didn't care if he choice him or not. Either way it be funny to see Azure with either one of them. He laughed, "But, it might change. It alway have I win Your going on a date with me and be my boyfriend for 3 days!" He smirk loveing this deal.

Luke blush knowing he was right. When he was young and even now people think his a girl. Because, of his scent, hair, and lips. The thing that make everyone go wild his eyes and his long eyelashes. He look the side and sigh softly getting super shy now. He didn't mean to lower his head and put in Midori chest.

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Azure raised an eyebrow, 'I think I can role with that,' the corner of his mouth raised into a cruel smil. Midori remained lying back, he didn't particularly mind Luke lying on on him

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Jacus look at him and smirk. He lean over and kiss Azure in the mouth gently slide his tongue into Azure mouth. He just want to test the ride.

Luke close his eyes and end up sleeping.

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Azure smirked underneath Jacus before picking him up and tossing him into the pool, 'You looked like you were missing out,' he chuckled taking another drink.

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Jacus growled and surface the water and look at Azure. When he got out of the pool he strip all way down to his boxers. He was very slender with very muscle and fit. He look at Luke seeing him very sleepy on Midori and he was also nake. Then he look Azure.

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Azure smiled sweetly, 'What? The waters lovely isn't it?' He looked over to Midori and Luke and shrugged, 'Knowing Midori he's slept and woken up in weirder places.'

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Jacus walk off into the kitchen to find a laundry and then a bathroom. He want to get dress.

Luke wiggle a little but just was having a unhappy dream.

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Azure pouted when Jacus left, he'd lost his play thing for the moment, 'Midoriii...' He whined,
'What?' He grumbled in response,
'Why are you being so boring, come have fun!' He cheered lifting his arms up. Midori raised an eyebrow keeping his eyes closed,
'You know that's not my style brother dearest.' He sighed.

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Luke made a small noise in sleep and shiver a little. He snuggle his head under Midori chin. He keep sleeping he felt so comfortable and the scent that Midori had was so sweet.

Jacus came back after awhile and was still in the shower. He walk to Azure and grab his hip and pulled him closer. “It’s time to punish you with your bad behavior.” He smirk.

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'Oo Daddy,' he said firmly before exploading into laughter, he struggled to take himself seriously - drunk or otherwise.

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Jacus start to like this tease and grab Azure by the wrists and drag him inside the house. He was nake and he was in the boxer. The daddy comment drove him to the edge. He found a room that only had a bed knowing this isn’t Luke’s room. He close the door behind them. He toss him in the bed. He smirk evilish.

Luke open and eye sensing something in the air. Something he has never felt in his room. When he start to rub his eye he look like a cute girl just waking up. “What is going on?” Sheepishly still very tired.

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'I think your friend is about to have sex with my brother.' Midori stated matter of factly, 'I wouldn't think about it too hard or you'll get freaked out,' he shrugged.

Azure smirked at Jacus staying by the door, 'You'll have to do mmore than that to impress me.'

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Luke heard him knowing what he is talking about. He didn't care he was way to comfortable where he was. He flutter his eyelashes they were very bright sunset red color. He yawned and frowned, "Can I ask something huge? Its nothing sexual but, I haven't sleep very well lately. Could you sleep next to me. Nothing going to happen just feel comfortable next to you. I now I would sleep very well next you." He blush softly he never ask anyone that. But, he would do anything to get good sleep.

Jacus didn't want to impress he just want to love on someone. He lean over at Azure, "I just want to give some affectionate on someone right now. " He blush lightly. He kiss Azure very passionately on his kiss. His body start to warm up super.

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'Okay.' Midori shrugged, 'I'm not sure if you heard but I can sleep anywhere, in any situation, I guess it's somewhat a special skill of mine.'

'That doesn't seem very you,' he raised an eyebrow skeptically, 'I thought you were meant to be all hard and emotionless not squidgy.' He chuckled.

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Luke smile softly hearing that makes him think about a baby sleeping. "Sounds like a baby how they sleep. I think that is a bit adorable." He smirk and got up put his boxer on . "Okay time for going to my bed. He took off slowly arriving to his bed. He open the double door to his room to his extra king size bed. Very fluffy and large bed. He smile seeing his very comfortable bed.

Jacus smirk with evilish thinking that Azure thinks his vunerable but, he still had all his guard up. "Serious boy you need to realize I might think and talk very romantic or sexual. But, I am always ready to defend myself or even kill someone.

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Midori walked into Luke's room and lay face down in the bed falling asleep instantly. He wasn't joking that he'd fall asleep anywhere.

Azure chuckled, 'As am I. And I prefer myself a romantic.' He smirked

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Luke felt comfortable next to Midori and cuddle against him. He smell his scent was so sweet and nice. He close his eyes and went in a deep and soundless sleep.

Jacus pinned Azure to the wall, “I’m very frustrated so making out can workout with me.” He was actually reacting a lot more than he was saying.

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'Frustrated huh? I mean there's always that girl from the bar.' He raised an eyebrow teasing

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Jacus narrow his eyes. “I’m not at all interest in women. Of course all girls want to be with me and all but they are quit annoying to me.” He lean over and press his body against Azure and kiss him on lips and not letting go this time.

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'Oh cocky are we? Everyone wants you yet no one gets you, how irritating for you.' He rolled his eyes.

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Jacus grit his teeth, “That’s because gay guy thinks I’m straight and so girls so after me. So I get the wrong gender and crowd after me. Plus I’m a extreme picky. If you want to know my perfect match in look that be Luke personality is your older brother. But what I love most is you. Your a free minded guy and I love it.” He let Azure go and take all his cloth off and slide in the bed letting Azure choice where and what to do next. He doesn’t really care for pushing to much.

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'This is a terrible idea and I am very drunk,' he lay down on the bed with his arms behind his head staring at the high ceiling

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Jacus look up sensing Azure got in the bed and smile that he felt okay being in the same bed. He smile and close his eyes.

Luke eyes widen and scream loudly and jump out of the bed. That nightmare again came to be again. He close his eyes trying to calm down after awhile he got out of bed. He walk in to his office. He put on the boxer and went to his office desk.

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Midori barely stirred when Luke woke up screaming, Azure on the other hand was still awake. He trapesed around the large house until he found Luke's office,
'Something you want to talk about?' He asked leaning on the door frame.

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Luke look up at the door entrance and his eyes were very mature and serious. He didn’t say anything but with only a short glance you can tell not to say something but he does need someone close by just in case. He look at his pc and went to work on a book on being a scientist lab rat and trying for once be himself and do things on his own. Also writing about being a ghoul that isn’t at all being a brute or savage one too. He want to let other and humans know there aren’t all savages and they can live at peace with another.

Jacus eyes jerk open and narrow his wondering what is happen with Luke. He heard the scream before and it wasn’t at all good. But also notice that Azure is taking care of it he decide that everything is going to be okay.

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Azure took a seat on a nearby chair and grabbed a book to browse through, he didn't want to press Luke but he wanted to show he was there to talk to if he wanted.

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Luke pause after an hour and spoke softly, “Are you a born half ghoul or create one?” He knew this was a strange and deep subject but he want to know.

Jacus got up walk around and saw the two boys seating there and heard the question look he was in total shock that he found out he wasn’t born a normal ghoul or human. But at the same time he didn’t think he knew about the testing when he was in the womb.

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'I have no idea,' he sighed, 'My family is conveniently missing the memories from our early childhood, based on my youngest brother's abilities though, it's safe to say whatever happened to us wasn't a natural phenomenon.' He looked up from the book he was reading slightly, 'Why do you ask?'

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Luke look at him and bite his lower his ears, “Just before I answer your question I have another. Have you wonder why and who did this you guys?”

Jacus open the door, “Don’t go do anything stupid Luke!”

Luke look up noticing his scent quite awhile, “How much do you know about my family.”

Jacus sigh maybe this is the best to tell him everything. He look down thinking the pros and cons on telling him.

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'Someone with a dead enough heart to experiment on children with no thought what so ever. We're all damaged irreparably now, and it's how we move forward and get over it now.' His eyes narrowed on Jacus

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ArmyVet | 162 comments Jacus got very annoyed and pissed as hell. He narrow his eyes at Azure, “The person is call Dr. Zo no one knows his real name. Yes I did work for them. I have try to stop them but when I did I had the one person been murder because I question his intrigue. I have been searching for who ever try to kill Luke when he was only 5 years and try to save his twin sister that is a test tube baby.”

Luke eyes widen in shock. Jacus mention it too, “You meet her at the club by the way. “

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