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message 1: by GabsAboutBooks (new)

GabsAboutBooks | 100 comments Mod
Let's discuss A Study in Charlotte in detail with spoilers!

message 2: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (TheRainyReader) (therainyreader) | 54 comments Mod
This was surprisingly a fun read! Filled with tropes and he lets out a breathe he didn't know he was holding but I still really enjoyed it.

message 3: by Clint (new)

Clint Read (readsreaders) | 6 comments I freaking loved every minute of it and I am now currently reading the second one and I bought the third one yesterday for me to dive into. I love Charlotte and Jamie soooo much! they are sooo adorable! I also loved all the references back to the original stories. Makes me really want to read the original tales as a whole. I've read a few but not all.

message 4: by GabsAboutBooks (new)

GabsAboutBooks | 100 comments Mod
I agree! I'm half way through it but it's making me want to go read the Sherlock Holme's stories that were referenced. So far I'm enjoying the characters and the plot. I am currently listening to the audiobook and I really like it.

message 5: by Julie (new)

Julie Jerles | 28 comments I’m only 24 pages in and the action has already started. I wish I had a little more character info before the murder happens because at this point I’m not rooting for anyone (I don’t have enough information about the characters to decide who to like/dislike)

Also I’ve never read anything by Arthur Conan Doyle so I won’t get any of the references (I just now googled and realized the title is even a reference. Although this might be fun to reread after I do read The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes and his other works.

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