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Need a graphic designer for book cover

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message 1: by Carol (new)

Carol Tietsworth | 194 comments I'm an experienced copy editor and professionally trained proofreader. I offer a free 500-word sample and then I charge .004/word USD. For your 118K your quote would be 118K minus 500 words is 117, 500 words times .004/word is $470.00 USD. I require half upfront and half when I finish, and half is $235.00 USD.

message 2: by Silvia (new)

Silvia (drumgenie) | 79 comments Hi Nadine,
I would love to talk to you more about your manuscript. I am well-versed in erotic fiction, as well as manuscripts with larger word counts. I offer a variety of packages for my services, which you can view at www.silviasreading.webs.com (along with my testimonials and pricing).
Please feel free to get in touch either by the form submission or you can email me directly at silviasreadingcorner@gmail.com
Best of luck!

message 3: by Teresa (new)

Teresa Kennedy | 61 comments If you haven't found anyone as yet, I'd like to offer my skills. I am a publishing veteran and the author of more than 30 published books under my own and various pseudonyms. I've also served as an editor for major publishing houses at the Senior and Acquisitions level and have worked with literally hundreds of independent authors at every stage of the process in readying their books and other materials for publication. Currently, 7 of my clients are selling at the top of their category on amazon.
I invite you to check out my website and testimonials at

In addition, I taught memoir as an adjunct at NYU and also served as a Writing Coach for this year's NaNoWriMo and as a judge for two years' running for Indie'Tale Magazine's RONE awards.
I hope this is helpful and look forward to hearing more about your project!

All Best,
Teresa Kennedy

Please check out my Facebook page, as well as my page for Village Green Press!

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