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July 2018: Dystopian > Under the Skin by Michel Faber, 3 stars

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Mindy aka serenity | 120 comments Under the Skin by Michel Faber
3 stars

What if the world were turned on its head, and there was a race of animals so evolved that they considered themselves human? And what if those humans saw homo sapiens as the animals- dumb, brutish, and base? This is the world in which Under the Skin is placed. Isserley, a young woman, has been sent by her own kind to do a special job. Her body has been hacked up and deformed for this job, transforming her from quadroped to biped and involving much pain and suffering. She drives the A9 in Scotland all day looking for hitchhikers to pick up. Why she does this would be a spoiler, but the book really makes you look at the human race and what we do to animals and our own kind, and makes you think: who are the animals here, really? A good book, if very weird and slow to reveal its secrets. This was my first Faber, and I liked it.

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Joanne (joabroda1) | 7901 comments Not my type of book, but your opening sentences made me laugh, only because my dog(80 lb fur baby) has no idea that she is a dog-lol!

Mindy aka serenity | 120 comments I'm sure my dog feels the same way. He certainly is the king of the house!

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