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A Man Called Ove
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ShazM | 359 comments I don't usually read books labelled as "moving" or "heart-warming" as they often just make me cry (and I'm an ugly crier!) but I read this for another challenge and I really enjoyed it.

Ove is your typical grumpy old man, a miserable neighbour and a stickler for the rules. If you're not allowed to drive your car onto that patch of road then Ove will make sure you know about it! We all know people with the same apparent attitude as Ove, I can hear my friend's voice saying some of the same things! Over the course of the book you find out why Ove is this way and you come to sympathise with him.

Yes, I did cry a few times, quite a lot at the end, but I also laughed out loud many times and had to read sentences out to my husband.

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Love your review. I'm so glad I added this book to my TBR.

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annapi | 4911 comments All of Backman's books have been very good, but Beartown can be pretty dark if you're not ready for dark. I'm reading its sequel, Us Against You, now, and I imagine it will have its dark moments too. For heartwarming, though, my favorite was Ove. Backman is just an excellent writer and you can't go wrong with any of his books.

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Amy | 8289 comments I was going to also say Rachel that this is a very good author for you to read everything he’s written. I myself have read three of his, and I’m about to start Beartown.

Barbara M (barbara-m) | 2187 comments I loved this one. I wasn't sure I would a first because Ove was such a curmudgeon! It didn't take too long to grab me though. Glad you enjoyed it too!

Kszr | 172 comments This one and Beartown were my favorites of his. Still not ready to read the follow up to Beartown, because the ending of it seemed to wrap it all up for me well. Not sure what else I want to learn from these people.

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