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Steffen No Country #2

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message 1: by Holley (new)

Holley On page 24 Llewellyn says to his wife he needs to fix " somethin dumbern hell." Why does he go back to the scene of the crime when he knows it will be dangerous? What consequences come from his decisions?

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L B No good deed goes unpunished. He felt guilty for leaving the guy to die of thirst, but his soldiers mentality of 'leave no man behind' may have gotten the best of his conscience. He knew it was unwise to try to help the guy but thinking about what may happen is one thing, dealing with the consequences is another. When he went out that night he couldn't sleep and he may have imagined others nights being similar. He also knew there was a chance that he goes out there, hydrates the guy, and that's that. No one truly knows what lies ahead. His hubris may have led to his downfall as well because he survived in a foreign jungle, how difficult could this scenario in his own backyard be?

Ultimately, there is no further story if he doesn't go back, but he did and than the first domino falls. Consequences? The ultimate, him and his lovers lives.

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