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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (Scary Stories, #1)
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Renata (renatasnacks) | 210 comments Mod

Peel some grapes and have a horrible snack while you listen!

message 2: by Lorelei (new)

Lorelei (ielerol) | 13 comments I read this book when I was little because I loved a different illustrated book of scary stories but when I wanted to read it again I couldn't remember what it was called, just that it was scary stories with lots of drawings, and the librarian gave me this book. This wasn't the book I meant, but I still read and liked it because I was pretty into scary stuff as a child.

I never did find that other book again, but I still remember loving it, and that it was sort of scary but also sort of funny, it was short, basically a picture book and the illustrations were all dark blue. So this episode inspired me to look for it again, and it turns out it's Grandpa's Ghost Stories by James Flora! My current library doesn't have it, so I don't know if I'll try to actually track it down and read it again, but now I have solved a 25-year-old mystery.

message 3: by Malia (new)

Malia (rhymeswithmaria) | 5 comments Aaaaaah, I loved this episode!!!

And another old mystery solved! I have been thinking about my favorite ghost story book from my elementary school library, and I finally went on a dive to find it, and succeeded: The Dynamite Book of Ghosts & Haunted Houses So I'll submit that as an additional readers advisory.

It has a story about the Winchester Mystery House that really stuck with me. Also one about a haunted rubber ball.

Also, the Hearse Song was a real throwback! I always love the variations on kid folklore; the version I learned as a kid had "The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, they're playing pinochle on your snout," which is pretty great because I knew not one child who knew anything about pinochle.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I also love peanut butter taffy.

message 4: by Lorelei (new)

Lorelei (ielerol) | 13 comments Oh! I didn't think I recognized the Hearse Song, but I absolutely knew the version with the worms playing pinochle, because that's how I learned to pronounce it. My parents had a pinochle deck but we only used it to play euchre, so I saw it before I ever heard someone say it.

(I had the opposite problem with "euchre," where I was playing the game years before I knew how the name was spelled)

message 5: by Jessica (last edited Aug 30, 2018 06:52AM) (new)

Jessica (bookwrm526) | 7 comments I somehow didn't read these books when I was young, but I had my own brand of being scarred for life by a brother checked out this book called Baleful Beasts and Eerie Creatures from the library. He is four years older than me, but I was very competitive, so I was convinced that I could read it too, even though he told me it was too scary.

So, I read this one story, called The Patchwork Monkey, and it is HORRIFYING, even today! The creepy ass artwork in the book didn't help. The book is out of print, but he recently sent me a link to a blogpost where the person scanned the story so you can read it. And apparently (just discovered this) you can access the book through Open Library!

Nobody else I have ever shown this to remembers this book, or this story. I was happy to see the blogpost, to know that there ARE other people out there who were traumatized by it.

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