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message 2: by Nate D (new)

Nate D (rockhyrax) | 6 comments Thanks for keeping this group alive. I still haven't bought anything from anything them since the start of the group, though I haven't been able to cut out Abebooks. Not having heard anything about their practices for a while, I'd hoped they were improving, but looks like it's still the same uncaring megaconglomerate (of course).

message 3: by Jimmy (new)

Jimmy (jimmylorunning) | 20 comments Mod
No, thank YOU!

I've been able not to buy anything from them since the start of this group also, except for this one item for a wedding registry because they didn't register for any other stores :(

message 4: by Nate D (new)

Nate D (rockhyrax) | 6 comments Oh, looks like I haven't used Abebooks since that post either. Alibris is great these days!

message 5: by Jimmy (new)

Jimmy (jimmylorunning) | 20 comments Mod
The really shitty part is that Amazon has bought up so many other companies that it's hard not to buy from any of them. I've recently gotten really into online streaming on Twitch, but then I realized that Twitch is owned by Amazon. Doh!

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