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Trina (Between Chapters) (trinabetweenchapters) | 129 comments Mod
We're doing a throwback to our first ever topic this month since it's our group anniversary! We have so many more members and have read so many new books in the past 3 years so we are excited to revisit this topic.

Underated books are anything that you think didn't get the hype they deserved.

Haley • Fangirl Fury • | 6 comments My post features underrated books that don’t necessarily have the highest of ratings on Goodreads:

Lea (drumsofautumn) (drumsofautumn) | 9 comments My video went up today :)

message 5: by Kelsey (new)

Kelsey | 22 comments Got mine filmed and edited while traveling!

Madalyn (Novel Ink) (hellomadalyn) | 18 comments Mod
Hi, everyone! My post went up today— I focused on YA contemporary releases from the past couple years that I feel flew under a lot of people’s radar.

Sydney (sydneysshelves) West (sydface4231) | 1 comments Hey! My video went up today. Woot!

message 8: by Emily (new)

Emily (eehornburg) | 15 comments Here's my blog post! Went live yesterday!

message 9: by Rachel (new)

Rachel A. (abyssallibrarian) | 2 comments Wow...I somehow completely missed that this topic had been posted. Good thing there's still some time left this month.

message 10: by Marco (new)

Marco Morano (marcopoloreads) | 1 comments Here mine! This is my first time participating!

message 11: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie | 10 comments Here’s mine for the month https://fledglingadultblog.wordpress....

message 12: by Pene (new)

Pene Geard (paperback_cat) | 4 comments In at the last minute - my underrated books video:

message 13: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (MetalPhantasmReads) (amandametalphantasmreads) | 15 comments Sorry this is late but this is my underrated books post :)

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