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Melissa Chung (bingereader19) | 169 comments Mod
Hi everyone! I'm a little early...just glad I remembered before I took my camping trip. If you guys follow me on my YouTube channel, you might have heard I'm off to Yellowstone for two weeks with my hubby and kids. TENT CAMPING....with BEARS! I'm....excited? LOL just kidding. It will be great...I think.

This month we are reading another short story collection. This collection contains 4 stories.

Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption- (MOVIE adaptation is Shawshank Redemption 1994)

Apt Pupil- (MOVIE adapatation is Apt Pupil 1998)

The Body- (MOVIE adapatation is Stand By Me 1986)

The Breathing Method (was talked about having a movie adaptation in 2012 with Scott Derrickson as the director. Nothing has come out of it)

Let me know if you guys plan on watching any of these movies.

I have seen Shawshank Redemption a million times growing up. One of a handful of movies adapted from Kings stories that turned out amazing. Since this will be the first time reading the novella, I can't say whether the movie is a faithful adaptation or not.

I have also seen Stand By Me. Only once and when I was a kid. I'll have to re-watch this one.

This will be my first time reading this collection of short stories. Which story are you looking forward to reading the most?

I hope you guys enjoy Augusts pick. See you all in a few weeks.

message 2: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 1 comments Loved Stand By Me, It was partially shot in my hometown here in Oregon and I've been to a lot of the places seen in the move. I actually had a copy of The Body in my hand this afternoon while shopping. Almost got it. Will have to go back and get it now. I also enjoyed Apt Pupil when I watched it years ago. I think those are the two I am most interested in getting to! Enjoy your vacation! Sounds like it'll be amazing, and beautiful!

Kimberly | 35 comments Have fun on your trip! I'll be starting this after booktubeathon and watching all the movies once i get caught up on the ones from night shift :) netflix makes this go slow lol.

Ashley Smith | 158 comments Mod
Unpopular opinion...I finished Shawshank last week and I have to say this may be the only time I prefer the movie to the story. Don't shoot me! lol But honestly, I wished King had made it a full length book. There's so much the movie added to the characters, it just made it better in my opinion. About halfway through Apt Pupil now and LOVING IT! Holy cow! I had heard before it was great but it really is great!

Ashley Smith | 158 comments Mod
I finished it before the end of August! I feel so proud of myself! lol This is by far my favorite "short story"/novella (whatever you want to call it) collection of his so far. Loved every story! And I honestly wasn't expecting much from "The Breathing Method" because I hadn't heard anything about it...but wow! Nightmare inducing.

Kimberly | 35 comments Haven't finished this yet. I've only finished Shawshank and i enjoyed that and the movie. So plan this month is to finish it. I'm finding that I don't read as much in the summer with my kids home. they start school tomorrow *sigh* so hoping to get more reading done after that point. :) i REALLY want to read Pet Semitary so hopefully that will push to finish this faster.

Melissa Chung (bingereader19) | 169 comments Mod
Hello people!!! I'm not quite done with this collection of short stories, however I'm loving them truly. Kimberly...YES watching all the movies would definitely make reading the book longer, but so much for entertaining. Ashley.... I completely agree with you. Shawshank was a go to movie that I watched every time I saw it on cable in high school. Listening to the story (read by Frank Mueller) was pretty awesome. He doesn't sound like Morgen Freeman (no one does), but I gotta say he read the story amazingly anyway. I'm so happy that the movie was made because it really does fatten up the story. The novella is really great as is... I even cried at the end like I do in the movie "I hope..." that gets me every time " see my friend and shake his hand."

Currently in the middle of Apt Pupil. When the old man calls the young boy a "monster" he is not kidding what a terrible child.

Don't tell me anymore lol. I'm hoping to finish the book soon so I can start on this month's pick :D

Kimberly | 35 comments ugh... i'm trying to finish The body today and this is seriously the longest short story ever... it could have been made shorter. 20 pages to go and i feel like it's never going to end. i just want to finish this collection up.

Ashley Smith | 158 comments Mod
Yeah the ending of that one realllly dragged on.

message 10: by Kimberly (last edited Sep 20, 2018 08:11PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kimberly | 35 comments Finished FINALLY!...

Shawshank 4 stars
Apt Pupil 4 Stars
The Body 2 stars
The Breathing Method 3 stars

average of a 3.25 stars.... ready to get onto septembers read.

I enjoyed the 3 movies!

Melissa Chung (bingereader19) | 169 comments Mod
I forgot to post my thoughts on this book. Finished the end of September and really enjoyed this collection. Normally I have a hard time with short story collections because I want a full length story in a small amount of words if that makes sense. King didn't disappoint there lol.

Kimberly and Ashley, YES the Body dragged toward the end, I didn't find it terrible, but it wasn't my favorite. I loved the other 3 though.

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