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a massive cave that holds the entrance to the first primordial that
cara devries ever locked away - chaotic neutral

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Sin stared up at the entrance of the vast cavern, narrowing his eyes and tilting his head in thought. There were paintings on these walls, done by the ancient societies, eroded away, fading into nothing. Those civilizations were gone now, but he remembered them vaguely. It wasn't a surprise that someone who'd been alive for so long had a rather shaky memory. He could recall the people that walked through these stone corridors, how they left and brought everything they could. But they left one thing behind.

One person.

Chaotic neutral and he had never had an established relationship. Sin knew of her, as Tobias had told him enough stories to write volumes. But he knew she was where to start. He knew she was the tipping point. She did what she had to - she made the decisions that would benefit her in the long run. That was what mattered to her most - benefits. And Sin had plenty up his sleeve. He gazed at Tobias, grinning as he pulled something out of his pocket. It gleamed in the light that flooded through cracks in the ceiling, "You ready?" he cooed, offering up a small, smug grin.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Chaotic Evil hadn’t shown his face in the real world after his release only but once. Even now he held a form that was not his original but rather a stand in, to better blend into the ignorant world around him. He gazed over the markings in the walls, silent and thoughtful as blue and brown heterochromatic eyes flickered over the ancient glyphs.

While he’d been the first to be locked away, he hadn’t known the others were imprisoned after him. And with that knowledge, Tobias decided to begin his little plans of advancement with the release of Chaotic neutral. He remembered her quite clearly, a headstrong and determined girl with nothing more appealing to her than getting to where she wanted to be. Tobias could understand where she was coming from. He too would not bow down to anyone, he was keen on where he was going to be.

With a small sigh, the primidoral looked over to his lover, eyes flickering down his figure for just a moment before he nodded silently. He didn’t feel the need to speak. He wanted this to be clean and quick. Tobias didn’t like being so out in the open. He didn’t feel vulnerable, but instead anxious. He wanted to do so much more. But he had to take things slowly. One step at a time.

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Sin gazed at him a moment, gently nudging him with his elbow before continuing forward into the vast caverns, the paintings on the walls taking an almost luminescent shade as they moved deeper into the rock. He clutched the glittering thing. A chain it seemed, some kind of necklace. It was an artifact made by Cara herself, each one of them was locked away, each one of them a key to the prison of every individual primordial. But Sin had connections. He knew that getting the other ones wouldn't be quite that easy.

"It's going to be alright" he whispered, taking Tobias' hand with his own free one.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias followed behind Sin, his eyes peeled for any sign that this was a trap. He didn’t particularly care if he himself got injured, but he would never forgive himself if Sin was hurt in any way. He took the hand offered gently, holding him tightly as they wound their way through the musty caverns. Finally he drew curious, glancing at the chain,”...Was my escape aided by a mysterious chain?” He asked calmly, clearly interested. He’d escaped yes. But his cell and prison had been impossible to figure out from the inside. He wondered how Sin had released him.

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"Every imprisonment is locked with an artifact. Cara had them designed before she imprisoned the primordials. This was all elaborately premeditated." he explained somewhat vaguely, furrowing his brows and growing bitter, "She hid them each, yours was the hardest to locate. I had to break it, and then I had to lift a seal she placed on the lock. It's all needlessly complicated"

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments “Oh I know that -scum planned it all.” Tobias hissed, squeezing his hand tighter and walking beside him,”I can barely contain my excitement for the day in which I get to lock her away.” He muttered softly, his voice echoing off the walls as he rubbed his temples with one hand.

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It'd be a while before they could make it to the inner sanctum but Sin knew his way. Perhaps he was the more strategic of the two. But he was really just doing all he could to support Tobias. He wasn't one for revenge, if he were being honest with himself. But he was loyal, undoubtedly so. "The time will come." he nodded.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments “Yes. And then I will be able to spend eternity with you. With the lessers below us.” He agreed, falling silent again. Tobias was honest with Sin, but there were also some things he didn’t tell him. Some private plans of his own he didn’t think Sin necessarily needed to know. He sighed softly as they walked, falling silent as he stared ahead, their footsteps the only other sound besides their breathing.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 115 comments Lin had been sick in this cage for a long damn time, that was for sure. How many days went by? She didn’t care about it after day 839, being she just stopped counting. And surprisingly enough, she was still here. Lucky for her, she wasn’t a mortal or things would’ve taken a bad turn. She’d felt the tremor about a week or two ago, she lost count of course, and wondered what it might be. It was definitely not an earthquake or it would’ve hit this place a hell of a lot harder. Also, the poor horses would get spooked! You should never do that! Sighing and pulling her legs in closer to her chest as she wrapped her arms around them, Lin just pushed her head in between the two in yet another day coming filled with agony and the knowledge of looking over the cell yet again, in which would probably turn her up with the same god damn results as all the other times. She hated this prison she was put in and would just kill to get out. It wasn’t like her to kill people that often, but it was for the better judgement of herself. And she knew better than to let those things down. It was silent and dark within the cell and all Lin felt like doing to sitting here with nothing, as she usually did.

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Sin nodded, furrowing his brows and narrowing his eyes just faintly at Tobias. He felt as though there was something more to that but... He didn't prod. He broke the chain as he walked along the cave tunnel, setting the links on the ground behind him, whispering something under his breath.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias watched Sin’s movements with bright eyes, slowly closing them as they walked and sensing the cave around them, allowing himself to pass a sliver of his own being ahead and project himself. The clone of sorts was scouting for them, seeing and deciphering what it could just so Tobias knew for sure this wasn’t some other trap. He also was keen on learning everything he could about the imprisonment of his fellow primidorals, and wanted to retain the knowledge for when he’d do a little imprisoning of his own.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 115 comments A tug was all Lin felt and it pulled her from a calm and quiet mood to a more alert person within seconds. Slowly standing up, she looked around wondering what might be occurring outside of this hole. Feeling yet another thing break, she suddenly realized that someone or something was messing with this prison of hers. What did this mean? Looking for answers, she continued to walk around the cell, checking all places that she'd already checked millions of times. Nothing yet but these movements meant something. Something important for all she could know.

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"She could be volatile when she comes out - you might wanna step back" Sin stared up at a massive stone arch with nothing clearly on the other side. Not until he broke the final link, and then the bars appeared, like a visage, misty and bending the shadows and light around it until it was clear that there was in fact a cell before them. "Lin?" Sin spoke up, peering through the bars into the rather uninviting looking cave she took residence in. He hadn't unlocked it yet, now he had to undergo the process of transcribing. From this point on - he'd be solving riddles.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias followed Sin’s orders, his eyes flickering over the metal bars as they appeared. All of this was like deja-vu to him, but from the outside. He took a slight breath as he saw the cave beyond the bars, calmly awaiting Lin to show herself. He briefly wondered if he could somehow be of help to Sin, but remained silent, awaiting something more to happen. Tobias was unsure how Lin would act as she was released, being who she was, Tobias anticipated certain actions, but remained impassive and attentive, allowing himself to change to his true form so she would recognize him.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 115 comments One last jolt seemed to shake the cell before Lin turned around, seeing bars appear in the wall instead of solid stone. She was almost free as it seemed. Hearing a voice that spoke her name, the girl slowly walked forward into the light, nodding silently. The light blinded her, it's brightness forgotten in her mind when she was locked inside the pitch black void. Looking around the cave, Lin was pleased to see two people standing inside with her- one being right next to her cell in which Lin predicted had spoken her name being he was so close and another standing not far from the cage and seemed to be watching contently. Taking a deep breath, she spoke to the first person in forever. This sentence might mean everything, so she was prepared for what she might say. Over the years and centuries or however long she'd been in there, being bored out of her mind made her do things like predict sudden death dates (even though being immortal basically prevented that) and what she might say to people if she ever saw the light again. And right now was the time that one of her things might actually come in handy. But her words came out in a tiny yelp, something she didn't predict would occur. This was starting out unimaginably. . . awkward.

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Sin glanced at Tobias and sighed quietly. "Lin we're here to get you out" he spoke calmly, losing the seductive purr that he usually took when trying to manipulate people. She needed someone genuine, not some lascivious snake trying to recruit her into a rebellion against something she didn't even know about. "... Can you speak?" he asked.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias noticed the change in tone Sin took and followed suit, his usual drawl he had with words vanishing as he spoke up as well, “You are free again. Come out, I’m sure you’ve dreamed of it as much as I had as well.” He murmured, his voice oddly gentle as he stepped to be beside his lover, gazing st the girl who stood before them calmly. She looked well, or as well anyone could after going through what she had.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 115 comments Lin just nodded, turning her glances from one person to the other. "Yes, of course I can speak. But of course I might need some time to just think and remember about what's occurring." Continuing to look at both, Lin suddenly remembered that she knew who these people were. Their voices seemed to flow through her mind to easily as she seemed to know who they were. But like all things, she'd need some time to remember it all. Knowing she could possibly trust these men being they were seeming to be "setting her free", she spoke yet again. "So, how's the Trojan war going?"

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Sin raised his eyebrows and stood back, raising a hand and watching the bars slide into the ground, letting her be completely free.

"Lin that was... hundreds and hundreds of years ago. You've been in this cage for... a very long time" he replied, frowning sympathetically and nodding slowly. "After you all made Portermount, Cara took advantage of how little power you had left - she locked you all in cages, and then she built a school with Hyunwoo and reigned over Portermount by herself. But we're out now. And we're going to take back what's rightfully ours. Are you with us?" he asked, expression expectant.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias was silent by Sin’s side, allowing him to do the talking. Lin was a bit of a wildcard, so even if he wanted to say something they’d have to choose their words carefully. Tilting his head, Tobias watched the bars slide away, his arms crossing over his chest in a rather laid back manner. “So how about it Lin? Join us and reclaim what is rightfully ours? Punish those who wronged us so unjustly?” He asked with a small smile on his lips, feeling a bit happier now that their plans truly had begun.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 115 comments Stepping out of the cage with ease, Lin took a deep breath of air as she just grinned. She'd hadn't been out of her cage ever since she was locked inside, so it was good to stretch her legs a little. Frowning, she kicked a small rock that seemed to be lingering on the cave floor, sending it flying into the wall and causing an echo to ring throughout the majority of the cave. "Damn Cara, the Trojan war's over?! I never thought I was in there for that long! Makes me feel so old." Shaking her head, she considered the next question very carefully. Now if Lin hadn't been locked in a cage for so long and had actually done something with her life she wondered whether or not Cara would already be in a cage like she had been. To be completely honest with you, she would've been. Turning her head to glance at both men, Lin suddenly knew who they were as her thoughts came back to her in a flood of motion. "Join you? I mean, what's it have in store for me? Only matters if I actually get to do something other than sit and ponder for the rest of my miserable days. But I do mean it, I guess if I don't join you, you might just put me right back where I was. But I'm still considering it. Really, I'm not lying here."

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Sin raised his brows and tilted his head, "Don't you wanna get back at her? Excuse me for being so bold but aren't you enraged? It's been centuries Lin, Cara's been freely reigning over an entire population, in full control over everyone, lying about where all of you went - and you've been here in a grungy dark cave, rotting away into nothing. We're offering you the ability to take revenge." he continued, voice a little harsher.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias rested a hand on Sin’s shoulder, bidding him to calm down a bit. Lin should be enraged, but she was quiet so far. It hadn’t taken long for Tobias to rekindle his anger for Cara once he was released. But perhaps it was more personal for him, seeing as he was directly related. He sighed softly,”You will have revenge, you will have the power that was stolen from you, and you will have your freedom” He purred softly,”isn’t that something you’ve craved for so long?” He asked, his tone once more becoming a bit more Normal, the gentleness from before gone and back to guarded and sly.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 115 comments Lin just relaxed a little bit, wondering why the heck they were fighting her. But the more they spoke about her joining them, the more intriguing it sounded. Yes, she was enraged. Yes, she wanted revenge. And yes, she was one for freedom. This decision would mean everything to her and to them. And most of all, to the fall of Cara. Looking up at them with a grin, she just nodded. “What my cage-less and newly revamped brain meant to say was this: yes, I am one for wanted revenge on that idiot and yes, I’m so pissed you wouldn’t imagine. So here’s where it comes down. Yes, I’ll join you. For the sake of Cara being pulled down, yes.”

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Sin grinned wide, stepping forward and setting a hand on her shoulder, "Then you're one of us. You're family. You have a lot to learn, you have so many people to meet." he glanced at Tobias, nodding before turning his back to her, "But this old cave is depressing, and you're probably dying for a shower - come now" he gestured for her to follow.

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ƘΔΘЅ   | 122 comments Tobias just gave a firm nod as Lin agreed to join them, offering her just that nod as he glanced at Sin,”I’m glad you are choosing to remain with us.” He murmured before he turned, waving for them to follow,”Sin is right, you must yearn for some decent food yes? Perhaps a bed?” He offered, waving a hand at the wall that had previously been hiding the cell, not even watching it re-form as if nothing had changed. Make Cara waste time assuming Lin was still here. He didn’t care. He started back up the path towards the exit of the cave, his form shimmering as it changed to the blonde form he took to ensure his identity remained hidden as they walked.

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 115 comments Family. Family was a word she'd hadn't heard of in a very long time. Lin was alone in that cell with no one to call family. The word seemed to pass through her with a warm feeling, a calm and quiet awakening into the new world she'd stepped in. "It's like a student and it's mentor and I think I can see it now," she joked, a grin passing over her face. "Indeed yes, I am just absolutely starved! I can't wait for something more comfortable than rock to sleep on as well." Starting forward Lin took a deep breath of the fresh new air as she followed after them. This was a new beginning for her and she wasn't going to let it down.

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<< we can end there, she's allowed to roam where she wants so long as she doesn't leak information about defacto- there are defacto specific locations she can travel around as well

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butterbean (formerly jellybean) (thatonerebelliousgirloverthere) | 115 comments ((sounds goodie.))

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