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Amy (won't be online for a while. sorry to all the groups i'm in!) (mattbatt) | 48 comments Hi I'm Amy and welcome to hogsmeade and thanks for the invite Brooke! Hope you don't mind this discussion

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No, it's perfect!

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I have to charge my laptop to make another folder but I want to start another game of TPBM and I want to make a folder for music 🎶

Amy (won't be online for a while. sorry to all the groups i'm in!) (mattbatt) | 48 comments like that idea. Do you want me to make the TPBM folder?

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Oh sure, I'm on my Kindle and I can't do go ahead!

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Annika Hey thanks for adding me Brooke :) Am literally wearing a Harry Potter t shirt rn aha

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Annika It’s the hogwarts crest :)

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Welcome Annika! That's funny cuz I also have Harry Potter shirts! I've got one that says "I don't go looking for trouble, trouble finds me." and "Mischief Managed."

Amy (won't be online for a while. sorry to all the groups i'm in!) (mattbatt) | 48 comments I do too. I have one that has something to do with the Wizarding tournament and a slytherin crest

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Annika We are all hp nerds I love it

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Potterheads fo life

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Hagrid hbu

Amy (won't be online for a while. sorry to all the groups i'm in!) (mattbatt) | 48 comments I am so bad with spelling names. Is that right?

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Draco is... But it's ginny

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Hey I have a poll going on the homepage. Go check out what I picked for August!

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Sophia (puffyliquid) hey! Thanks for the invite brooke

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Yousef (mysticentropy) | 2 comments Sup peeps

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Grace (thegoldfishwholived) Hello y'all! Thanks for the invite Brooke sorry I haven't been active yet.

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Grace (thegoldfishwholived) Also Luna is definitely my favorite character from HP. And I have two HP shirts, one with the Hogwarts Crest and the other just has a bunch of symbols from HP all over it.

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Yer fine. Luna is pretty cool 😎

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Aren't we all rebelling? Teenagers..... We already have our character set for us. 😂

message 29: by Georgia (new)

Georgia Chambers | 26 comments Hi my name’s Georgia. I’m new here and I don’t know what’s going on. If someone wants to explain to me what y’all do here is would be much appreciated:)

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Welcome Georgia! Just a chat board is all this is! Lol, it was supposed to be an introductory board but turned into more. Basically just introduce yourself, tell us about you and then join the current conversation! Thanks for joining, great to have you! BTW, is that your car and if it is how did you get he\ she ( name plz) to do that? Was it just an after nap stretch? LMAO 😂

message 31: by Grace (new)

Grace (thegoldfishwholived) Hello Georgia! Welcome to the group! Hope you can make friends and have fun!

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Sophia (puffyliquid) Hi, Georgia! Welcome to the Club! lol i really wanted to say that.
i hope you like it here

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Georgia Chambers | 26 comments Hey. Yes those are my two cats cupcake and Aliyah, both she’s. How old are y’all. I wanna know if I’m like on the older side or the younger side. Also thanks for the greetings. Ive never felt so welcomed in my life😹

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Grace (thegoldfishwholived) Yes we are always ready to welcome people. I’m 13 btw

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Sophia (puffyliquid) :D
I'm fifteen!

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Sophia (puffyliquid) @Georgia how old are you?

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Kassie Georgia. I LOVE YOUR CAT!!!
Also I’m 19 hellooo

message 38: by Annika (new)

Annika I’m 16! Welcome Georgia!

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14. I also love your 🐱!

message 40: by Georgia (new)

Georgia Chambers | 26 comments I’m 15✌️

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👍 what are you reading right now?

message 42: by Georgia (new)

Georgia Chambers | 26 comments I’m reading Mockingjay. It’s one of the books I have to read for summer reading. Not that I’m really complaining

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Ooh what part are you at! I love love love the hunger games!!

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Georgia Chambers | 26 comments I just finished catching fire yesterday, so I’ve barely started it

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It gets so much better! Have fun!

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Lucy Ashton | 37 comments Hey guys! So my name is Lucy. Just got invited to this chat. Love the name cus Harry Potter is great. And I love reading. So you know Goodreads. I am basically 15. In exactly one week I will be officially 15. Looking forward to meeting all you guys!

message 47: by Grace (new)

Grace (thegoldfishwholived) Hi Lucy! I’m Grace and I’m 13! Nice to meet you! What is your favorite book?(Besides Harry Potter if that's what you would say)

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

Welcome lucy! What are you currently reading? And I'm super excited to have you in the group too!

message 49: by Georgia (new)

Georgia Chambers | 26 comments Hey Lucy, I’m new too. Welcome;)

message 50: by Lucy (new)

Lucy Ashton | 37 comments Thanks guys! I have way too many favorite books to choose one. I like most of the books I read. I am currently reading Untamed by A.G. Howard. It’s book 3.5 in the Splintered Series. Welcome Georgia. 😊

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