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"Eternal glory! That's what awaits the student who wins the Triwizard Tournament, but to do this, that student must survive three tasks. Three extremely dangerous tasks."

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Each team will be performing their own set of tasks for the Tri-Wizard Tournament. These tasks are broken down by Harry Potter book.

Each book will have 5 separate tasks, comprised of 4 book requirements per task.

In order to receive the points available for completing the tasks, each team must choose 3 tasks within 3 books to complete, for a total of 9 total tasks and 36 book requirements. After completing these requirements, the teams may go in and complete any other available tasks that they'd like for additional points.

They may need some planning, so read instructions careful. Once in a while the Class Masters may go and check if your book applies or not. Points are at stake here.


◈ Questions about tasks (to the mods) are made by captains only on the captains group. Infractors will be penalized by 5 points. This does not apply to questions done on the teams thread to the captains.

◈ If the tasks masters think the book doesn't fit your team will be granted negative points - no discussion. Well, you can contest it. But, if we take it to voting on the mod table, and we still decide the book doesn't fit, instead of -5 points, you'll get -25. So, is up to you.

◈ No questions about if a book fits a certain task are allowed. For example: you can ask what we consider a Dark Art. You cannot ask if a book about werewolves can be consider a Dark Ark. We have been doing this for a long time, again, use common sense. There are negative points at stake here.

◈ No questions about if a book cover has enough of a certain color. You can use Mad-Tineye Moody or some other online color extractor tool, in case the color at hand applies (indigo and turquoise may not be on their range). We're not limiting a certain percentage, but again, is a matter of common sense. You need to look at the cover and identify the main one.

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Each House will go through the Maze together as a House. Each move through the maze will require one book, with its own requirements.

Be prepared for surprises, portals, moving floors. There really is no telling what all a House may find within their maze.

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