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That evening, Lucine pleaded to her grandparents that she should to the shopping. Of course, she never did anything without a double reason. Earlier in the day, the White Fang had given her an assignment to keep track of a girl who, they claimed, was unpredictable. Why they would want to keep an eye on her was beside Lucine. They made it sound like she was a crazy little girl who could interfere for their plans, and not for the better. That was all she was suppose to do, watch, and find out who she was. When Lucine finally made it to the square, she made a bee line for one of stalls selling fruit. Immediately, she blurred into the oh too many faces among her and instead of having her shoulder length, blonde hair, it grew down to her chest and instead of having blonde, she now wore raven black hair with almond-like eyes. One could never be too careful.

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