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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Thriller?- A woman is held captive in her house by her abusive husband

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Emily | 1 comments I remember reading this book around 2014-2016. From what I can remover it is about a couple where the wife is forced to stay and clean inside the house that is described to be completely sterile like a hospital with white walls and plain furniture. She is forced to cook every meal for him, forced to stay inside while he is gone, and is forced to have sex with him. He liked to eat in front of the tv and would fall asleep watching it. I remember one scene he forced her to have sex and she locked herself in the bathroom after crying and brushing her teeth while sobbing. I believe they lived in a suburban area and had lots of neighbors and that some of the neighbors suspected something was off about them. I also read this on my kindle and I think I downloaded it on amazon for free. That’s about all that I am able to remember about the book. I hope someone is able to help me. Thank you :)

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Emily ~~
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