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message 1: by BreKing (new)

BreKing | 12 comments Hello,
I am looking for some beta opinions on a superhero novel I am working on. It isn't quite YA, but not adult as the characters are about 23-25. It is a kind of coming of age story that follows my protagonist through gaining super powers and trying to use them for good. She eventually finds corruption in her local government and while trying to fight that finds that she isnt as good as she thought. I am looking for opinions on my my first couple chapters, and just really trying to see if my writing so far in interesting.

If you are willing I can send you a portion in the message here, or by email if you prefer. Thanks!!

message 2: by Jan (new)

Jan | 13 comments Hi! This seems interesting. I just sent you a PM!

message 3: by BreKing (new)

BreKing | 12 comments Thanks! I will send it over to you tonight once I get done with work. I appreciate it!

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