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Erica Abrego | 9 comments I read a book awhile back maybe two years ago about a young woman that lived in a high society, futuristic world and her father was killed by their government and she was enslaved and abused by the elite. She was passed around as an example until she is found by a city officer or guardsmen that keeps her hidden in his apartment. The guardsmen is a womanizer and his father is important and possibly bused the woman too. They slowly fall in love. Thank you for your help.

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Erica is still looking for this and wrote:

"Adult Futuristic or Post dystopian society where a rebel heroine falls in love with enemy hero

I've been looking for this book for several years and can't seem to find it, hopefully I'm remembering the details correctly. The female heroine's family is a part of a rebellion, her father and brother, when she is captured by the enemy then passed around to the elite(beaten and raped)to be made an example of. By the time the hero finds her, she has bad burn scars made by a female officer and mentally broken. The hero is an officer that somehow ends up with her, and although he hates who she is at first, he doesn't abuse her and keeps her hidden away in his apartment. He's pretty callous to her at first, even brings other women to his apartment as usual, but slowly falls in love with her and you start to see him change for the better. I believe he is the son of some one who's important in the elite.

I can't remember what happens in the end, if she gets discovered or not..or maybe it left off on a cliffhanger. Please help!"

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Gb | 10 comments sounds similar to - Challenging Saber by S.E. Smith https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2...

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