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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Harlequin romance early or mid 2000s mistaken twin plot; hero breaks heroine's heart because he thought she was cheating on him but it turns out to be... Spoilers ahead.

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Lolodono | 6 comments 2nd desperate post. Was browsing in a bookstore between 2000 to 2007, so book is published during that time. It's Harlequin with signature red and white colors. Picked it up at random and was skimming while waiting for my family.

Plot spoilers ahead...
In the beginning of the book, heroine and hero have already met and are in love, while heroine was on holiday or something. Then hero suddenly breaks up with her, either by standing her up on a date and becoming uncontactable, or he says hurtful things (can't remember which). Heroine goes back home heartbroken. Some time later, hero still can't forget her and tracks down where she lives. Her identical twin sister, who is very pregnant, answers the door. Though shocked, he thinks it's the heroine and hugs/grabs the sister, causing her to scream loudly. Sister's husband and heroine come running, hero gets punched, then big reveal. Turns out hero previously saw sister and brother in law making out and thought it was the heroine, hence prompting the breakup in the beginning. So hero now tries to beg for forgiveness and win back heroine, but heroine is still mad and won't budge.

Don't know what happens after, coz that's when i was pulled away in a hurry before i could buy the book. Didn't even get the chance to note down title and author, argh. Can't even remember character names. Hoping to find book again.

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ImaBookaddict | 170 comments Maybe one by Lynne Graham or Michelle Reid?

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Lolodono, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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