The Wicked King (The Folk of the Air, #2) The Wicked King question

Cardan, Jude, Kaz and Inej Walk Into a Bar....
Susan Susan Jul 28, 2018 08:53PM
Yesterday, I finished my ARC of The Wicked King by Ms. Holly Black and of course I loved it. It is like Faerie Fruit to a mortal. The review will be forthcoming shortly. I'm still marinating.

In the meantime, I have a vital question for all fans of The Cruel Prince, The Wicked King (no spoilers – promise) and the lovely Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom (I’m not even kidding-stay with me kids) ... There may or may not have been a dream ...where this actually makes a fantastic podcast except who is as insane as I am? Exactly.

Here. It. Goes:

If, in a futile attempt to convince each other that they don't have this twisted dance of entangled intoxication going on, Jude and Cardan set each other up with Kaz Brekker and Inej Ghafa (yes THAT Kaz and Inej-- I'm mashing up with Leigh Bardugo's Six of Crows); and in an exercise of futility, to convince each other that of course there's nothing happening between them, they accepted said dates, what would happen?

A) Nina would cook a lot of waffles for the dinner.

B) Nicasia would attempt to shoot Inej but Jesper would actually shoot Cardan first (On Kaz's command).

C) Wyland and the Bomb would duel out killing each male date under the auspices of servers with bombs made to look like waffles

D) Matthias's ghost would look on at all of the above and remark... this is exactly why my ghost would NEVER associate with your ghosts.


Now as I go get some waffles and let my review marinate-- please comment below with your answers, along with all the good, bad, jurda parem and faerie fruit infused thoughts below! I'm dying to hear it all!

No mourners... Hold tight to your power once acquired...

Oh my God I absolutely love you Crystal. I have never had anyone take the time to not only read but analyze this with such complete and accurate detail. I am so honored.

And I think you are completely right and to add on to it ... if by chance someone is waffles are served and fairy fruit is swapped out for apples or the syrup is made from dairy fruit?

Oh saints .... can you imagine the Dregs on fairy fruit?

Or Cardan on jurda?????

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Crystal <3 <3 I love both was a pretty fun scenario to imagine!
Oct 28, 2019 09:58AM · flag

im really late to this butl,
sorry but kaz in faerie? oh yes *rubs hands together*this is what im lingering on. but imagine,
jude or something: I wouldn't eat the fruits if i where you it-
kaz: *takes a bite of the nearest faerie fruit*
jude: NOOOO!!!! this is bad this is bad
kaz: whats "bad"?
kaz: interesting...

*hours later*
jude: how are you still alive you should be dead
kaz: didnt stop me then, not gonna stop me now.

sorry. i am truly sorry
i dont deserve to be fogiven

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Crystal lmaoo! I wouldn't be surprised. Kaz is immune to everything ;) ...more
Oct 28, 2019 02:30AM · flag

I honestly think if the Six of Crows ever met up with the people from The Cruel Prince, the two groups would definitely end up fighting each other.

But the real trouble is that the fae from The Cruel Prince (Cardan etc) have a huge advantage because they can mind control anyone they want just by looking at them. As Kaz and his crew are humans (very talented humans yes, but still humans) - there's no way they'll be able to fend off Cardan if it came down to a fight if they arrived unprepared (with no knowledge of the dangers of the fae). Cardan would be able to just stare at them and mind control their actions.

However, if Kaz is already prepared before the encounter and is aware of the powers of the fae (which is highly likely since it's an arranged date and he's got Inej who knows everything), then the Six of Crows gang would 100% completely beat The Cruel Prince gang. Kaz is wayy more scheming than Cardan, and he is 10x better in a physical fight if Kaz is protected from magic (by wearing the rowan necklaces etc).

Assuming that Cardan is meeting the Six of Crows in the mortal world, he wouldn't be able to use his other fae powers too (like controlling the elements and the volcanoes) since that is tied to faerie.

So bascially it depends on where they are meeting up. If they have their date in Faerie, Cardan should be able to win by using his powers of the elements and because he's got all his fae guards (though the Six of Crows would put up a good fight). If they have their date in the mortal world, Kaz and crew would totally win the fight

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