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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Romance - MC story - fell in love at a early age and his father demands he let her go, maybe 6 years later they meet again

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Carrie Gubish | 26 comments Read 2016 - Both H's fathers are in the same MC. She wants to go to college to be a nurse and he was in a motorcycle club. She wants to go to college closer to him but if she does she does not get the funding but she says its ok she will just work harder to save up money to go to the college thats closer but he thinks she needs to go to a better college. She just wants to be near him. His father had a wife who resented him and he had a bad marriage and she died he thinks the same would happen to his son so he tells him to let her go and he does but in a mean way. Years later she comes back with her young son after her divorce to the house her dad left her to when he died. The kid is not the bikers but her ex husband. He is a rich lawyer I think. The first night a different bikers club show up and demand they give them what her dad owes them. She has no clue what. They want the money her dad stole from the club. They beat her up bad. They leave and she hides in her closet with her son. Next morning her ex biker b/f and friends show up and noticed the house had someone moved in. Her dad owed them to. They go investigate and find them in the closet. They bring them back to the club house for her to heal. Also he was hooking up with a sweetbutt at the clubhouse that looks just like her and the girl is crazy. She thinks he is hers. She goes as far as saying she is pregnant. They lock up the whore in a room for where they but whores who try to set up club members saying there pregnant to have test down when its save for the baby to prove if its a club members baby. Later the sweetbutt screams she is bleeding and a prospect and the female H goes to check and the sweetbutt gets the gun off the prospect and shots him and the female H. The male H comes in and the whore says she did it for them so they can be together. He shoots and kills her. The two H's talk about what happened when they were young and rekindle. He tells her that if she never left she would not have her son. Also ex husband is a bit of a jerk and doesnt see his son often. A lawyer I think. (The bikers dad does get his own book later his girlfriend who was a sweetbutt before they got together. She is a beautiful native american woman) . There are quite a few books in this series.

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Carrie Gubish | 26 comments Anyone have any guesses?

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Zenta  (juljeta) | 179 comments I think book you are looking for is Nasty Bastard by Emily Minton

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