Rule Makers, Rule Breakers: How Tight and Loose Cultures Wire Our World Rule Makers, Rule Breakers discussion


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Michele Gelfand See more reviews and an excerpt of the book on my website:

I'll also be posting book club questions to the website soon.
Thanks for reading!

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Jess Fernandez Be ready to start seeing tightness-looseness everywhere!

Rule Makers, Rule Breakers will change how you approach new situations and will make you reconsider old ones!

Michele Gelfand pulls together a variety of cross-cultural findings, across field settings, laboratory studies, organizations, and more - all while writing in an engaging voice that is not only insightful, but accessible and entertaining. Gelfand makes a strong case for the importance of cultural norms in our everyday lives and demonstrates how tightness-looseness applies at all levels - shaping our personalities, our relationships, social groups, organizations, and countries. I know I will be thinking in tight-loose terms for a long time to come and encourage others to read this book too!

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