The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes, #3) The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes question

What would this look like today?
Shaun Squire Shaun Jul 28, 2018 02:55PM
As a writer, I'm interested in hearing people's opinions on classic mysteries and what they would look like if written today...

My question: Would you be interested in reading something that involved going to websites and more multi-media adventures while you read?

Please rate your interest on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being very interested in 1 being not interested at all.

Thank you and please enjoy the readings :)


Interest = 3. It depends on what the websites offered. I may be missing the point: I'm still "old-school," and l like my head to envision the thoughts and actions taking place in the story. It makes the story "mine." By seeing another person's ideas and activities on a website or in a multi-media format may add many interesting facets and interactions, but it also takes away from the personalizing of the story. You can see examples of this in music videos: a song may mean something different to everyone who hears it, but after seeing a video, it is hard to hear the song in the same way again. Same goes for books.

Thank you for the feedback, Faye. I appreciate you sharing your perspective, that's something I had not considered. Wow, I understand completely. Filling in the details of the story with our imaginations is part of the fun involved in reading.

I am old school with most things, which is why I am challenging myself with this project to experiment with the idea of sharing images, audio, etc. as interpretations taken from the source material.

I'm curious, Do you have a preference between hard copy or e-books?

Faye I guess I still lean toward the printed page; i.e. hardcopy. You never need a battery. :)
Jul 31, 2018 06:39PM

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