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Cross Her Heart
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BUDDY READ: Mystery/Crime > Cross Her Heart by Sarah Pinborough - Starting August 14, 2018

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Carrie (boombaby13) | 4289 comments Lisa lives a very quiet life. A single mother nearing forty, she devotes herself to raising her sixteen-year-old daughter, Ava. Wary of men, Lisa doesn’t speak of her past or Ava’s absent father. Her best friend Marilyn wishes she would open up more and maybe finally go on a date—with the sexy new client who’s obviously keen—but Marilyn has problems of her own.

Ava is getting tired of her overprotective mother. She wants to live like a normal teenager—chill with friends, go to swim practice, study for exams, have a boyfriend. Her mom would freak if she knew that Ava’s already got someone special, someone who makes her feel sophisticated—and wanted.

Lisa has spent a long time looking over her shoulder, but lately she’s been especially uneasy. Small things from the past have begun to appear in the present, feeding her anxiety. As her life begins to unravel, Lisa knows that the only way she can protect herself and her daughter is to face her fears. Yet courage won’t be enough. She’ll need help from the only person she can trust—Marilyn. Between them they have to save Ava, and to do that, they have to be honest with each other. Truly honest. Marilyn did promise she’d do anything to help.

But a long time ago, Lisa made a promise too. Then she broke her word. And that betrayal hasn’t been forgotten—or forgiven.

Now, someone is going to make her pay for her sin.

Karen Barber | 10585 comments Love Sarah Pinborough-so excited for this.

Carrie (boombaby13) | 4289 comments Chapters 1-3 (view spoiler)

Carrie (boombaby13) | 4289 comments Chapters 4-6 (view spoiler)

Karen Barber | 10585 comments Will get onto this once I’ve finished The Outsider.

Carrie (boombaby13) | 4289 comments That was quite a long one to get through, but worth it. :)

Chapter 16 (view spoiler)

message 7: by Carrie (last edited Aug 17, 2018 10:42AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Carrie (boombaby13) | 4289 comments End (view spoiler)

Karen Barber | 10585 comments Always try to resist the urge to read spoilers, but I couldn't resist this time. I understand this is more straightforward than Behind Her Eyes, but I have read the content is potentially upsetting. Still, it's Pinborough so I'm assuming i'll be in safe hands.

Karen Barber | 10585 comments up to ch7. Can’t help but think there’s more to Lisa’s obsession, and Ava’s playing with fire.

Karen Barber | 10585 comments Up to ch25. Exciting end to part 1. Certainly curious to see what Julia has to do with all this-there has to be a link somewhere.

Karen Barber | 10585 comments Up to ch44. Little snippets are coming out. Looks as if my thoughts about a certain female might have something to them, but no idea about what’s going on with Ava. Pleased that Marilyn has finally admitted the truth about her situation to herself.

Karen Barber | 10585 comments Up to ch61. Should have seen that coming. Obvious now. But will Lisa be in time?

Karen Barber | 10585 comments Finished. Review on home page. Another Pinborough great read!

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