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message 1: by Lisa-Books Smiles (last edited Jul 29, 2018 01:41PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lisa-Books Smiles (lisabookssmiles) Let's talk spoilers!
Reminder: Live Show will be on my YouTube channel Books & Smiles on Sunday, August 26th @ 7pm EST @

Mom2triplets04 | 17 comments So far the audio book is good but I’m listening on cd which means no speed up lol. She reads slow but at least she changed her voices when others talk.

Candice (candicerosado) | 21 comments I just started it on audio book today.

Angela | 5 comments I have finished it. I am Interested to hear what others think about it!

Lisa-Books Smiles (lisabookssmiles) I also started it on audio it's really good so far.

Hannah Adams | 2 comments I finished this earlier in the year - I thought it was a great read. Very interested in what y’all think..

Jamie  (bookstatsandtea) I've finished it and am interested in hearing everyones thoughts

message 8: by Shannon (last edited Aug 06, 2018 09:12PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Shannon (musingsofacat) I've just finished it. I enjoyed it quite a bit but it wasn't amazing. The almost Yoda-ish writing style was on the border between new and cool and annoying. I was hoping Milly would manage to be normal but growing up in the environment she did she'd kind of have to have her own issues. She isn't like her mother, not even like Dexter (the show mainly, working on the books), but she definitely has problems.
Also, with all the interaction she's had with the medical world since she told how did no one notice her cutting scars? And how did they not notice new ones when she was in the hospital for the overdose?
I think too that it's a fine line between her getting to stay or not after she killed Phoebe. And I'm not entirely sure if, reading how it was done, I would completely come to the conclusion she'd get to stay. My prediction would have been that they suspect her or are too grief-stricken to handle taking care of her, so she goes somewhere else and the whole thing repeats.
Just my thoughts but I did quite enjoy the book. :)

Lisa-Books Smiles (lisabookssmiles) I finished this last night...I got to about chapter 13 and could not stop reading. I'm still thinking about my rating but at this moment probably a strong 4 star read.

Berna I just finished the book. I did not like the book as much as you all did. I gave it 2,5 stars rounded up to three.
I did not like any of the characters. I especially wondered how Mike and his wife became social workers being a such a dysfunctional family. No one should trust an already problematic teenage girl to be in their care.
I also did not like the author's writing style.
However, the overall story and Millie's psychology was interesting to read. I wish the trial sections were a lot more detailed.

Sarah  | 9 comments I’m not sure how to finish this book .... this book is a lot to take in . It just sadness me to think , even though this is “ fiction “ the Author is touching based from her life’s work . I’m just not sure 🤔📖

Sandi Sullivan | 21 comments I finished this book last night and I really liked it. The writing style was a bit different with such short abrupt sentences at times but not that big a deal and barely noticeable once you got use to it. After Annie went to the police and turned her mother in the pace got a little slow but it didn't take long until I was unable to put the book down. It was so good I rated it a 4 - 4.5 read. Can't wait until the live show.

Natalie West (killingmesoftly) I'm reading this book and find it incredibly boring. Wondered how anyone could give it and stars more than a 3. I didnt understand that Mike was a social worker but thought he was a psychiatrist and that his wife was a homemaker which makes it easier to understand how he was able to have room for her to stay there. I didn't understand how they could invite this girl to live with them along with their troubled child. It all seemed so unreasonable.

Angela | 5 comments I rated it 3 stars. It was an okay book for me. It kept me reading by wondering how this was going to end and if the good or bad side of her would win out. It seemed like this book just touched on some avenues that I wish it would have went in more thoroughly. I think some of the book was unrealistic. It wasn’t as exciting as I wanted it to be. One thing I enjoyed about the book was you actually get a sneak peak of the reasoning behind a psychopaths decision making.

everafter09 | 3 comments Lisa-Books Smiles wrote: "I finished this last night...I got to about chapter 13 and could not stop reading. I'm still thinking about my rating but at this moment probably a strong 4 star read."

Just finished today! Definitely four stars for me as well!

message 16: by Barbara (new) - added it

Barbara Senteney (trollbridgeblogger) | 1 comments everafter09 wrote: "Lisa-Books Smiles wrote: "I finished this last night...I got to about chapter 13 and could not stop reading. I'm still thinking about my rating but at this moment probably a strong 4 star read."

I haven't read it, but everyone's little tidbits has me intrigued And I love the title, reminds me of Dr. Jekyll , Mr. Hyde

message 17: by Sara (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sara Conrad | 6 comments Just finished the book, my biggest complaint is the writing style. I kept hearing it being narrated by Yoda in my head.

Also, how is it possible that Mike was so oblivious to the animosity between the girls? As someone who could be considered a victim of a violent act, I have been seeing counselors and psychologists off and on my whole life and ALL of the were sharper than Mike was and it was all happening in his own home.

The only character I felt anything for was Saskia, and that was pity she was such a sad / depressing character.

I gave the book 3 stars which I think is pretty generous. It was a fast read that pulled me in but it was also lacking a bit.

Sarah  | 9 comments Ok I just finished I gave it 3 stars .... at first not going to lie, I was a little worried about reading a story about children being abused . The very beginning about 100 pages was really intense for me and about her mother. However I felt like the story died down tremendously with her foster family and her life with them . I felt like the end was very disappointing for me. But it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be ... Overall the story felt all over the place , not complete .....IDk 3 stars for me

Sarah  | 9 comments After reading everyone else review and giving it 4 stars ! Maybe I should read it as audio ? Would the outcome be different ? What do you guys think ?

Trish (jpolking) | 135 comments Hi Sarah
I haven’t started the book yet I am NO help to you(sorry)!
I’m not sure if Lisa did audio book or physical book...but I will ask her (she has been working a lot so I’m not sure if she has read your comment yet(she always checks ).
Hopefully so of the other group members can give you some opinions on the audio vs physical.
Have a great day

Angela | 5 comments I listened to the audiobook and I’m glad I did. She has a different tone or maybe whisper when it comes to her bad thoughts and I liked that. That being said, I still just gave the book 3 stars because I still found it lacking something, so I’m not sure if it would change your rating?

Candice (candicerosado) | 21 comments I just finished listening to this book. I really didn't enjoy it. The plot was disturbing and just ok. I don't think I would give it more than 3 stars.

Shannon (musingsofacat) I did a review here if anybody is interested :)

Jessie | 5 comments I finished Good Me Bad Me about a week ago. I gave it 3.5/5 stars.
It was a good read, interesting but I’m not sure if the author really owned the writing style. It took me a while to get into. I found myself getting bored at times just reading about Millys day to day life but once the trail got closer I was really hooked.
I figured something was going to happen with Phoebe. I thought maybe she would turn out to murder Milly or have some issues herself.
Overall good pick Lisa & Trish! Looking forward to the live show☺️

Sarah  | 9 comments Trish wrote: "Hi Sarah
I haven’t started the book yet I am NO help to you(sorry)!
I’m not sure if Lisa did audio book or physical book...but I will ask her (she has been working a lot so I’m not sure if sh..."

Thank you Trish , for responding . I totally get it ...
It's my first psychological thriller , so many I just need to dive in more .

Sarah  | 9 comments Angela wrote: "I listened to the audiobook and I’m glad I did. She has a different tone or maybe whisper when it comes to her bad thoughts and I liked that. That being said, I still just gave the book 3 stars bec..."

I agree , I love the inside character in her head aspect back and forth that was creepy , but I guess something else was missing for me ...

Lisa-Books Smiles (lisabookssmiles) Hi Everyone! Some of you asked if the audio was any good and YES I loved the audio. I'm not sure if I enjoyed the book more because of the audio - it's always so hard to tell if I would have enjoy the book more or less. I loved so many things about this book and it was easily a 4 star read for me. I can't wait to see what Trish thinks because we 99% of the time agree on our ratings. I think so far only one other person as rated this book 4 stars and that was Sandy. I can't wait for the live show to discuss everyones thoughts! Love you all! Lisa

Therese (avablue14) | 36 comments I’m listening to the audio while reading this book .... I started out just reading it but then saw how the audio kicks it up a notch when reading Miley’s thoughts and her mom’s input in her head. I’m on page this point I despise Phoebe, which started as soon as we meet her. What goes around comes around, or so I’m thinking (or hoping 😏). Parts of me felt disgusted about what Milly has gone through, almost disturbed, too. Yes, the audio gives it more clarity and anticipation. Stay tuned...

Shala This was the first thriller audio for me to ever listen to, and it was creepy. I liked the book but don't think thriller audio books are for me. i knew things weren't going to end well, but I'm not sure I'm satisfied with the way it did end.

Trish (jpolking) | 135 comments I will be starting Good me, Bad me today (finally)!!!!

Rachel (theracheldays) | 20 comments My book still hasn’t arrived!! I went to get it at the start of the month and they had sold it to a different person. They have ordered a new one to be delivered to my home but it is still not here.

I am desperate to read the spoiler and join in!! 🙃

message 32: by Jen (last edited Aug 15, 2018 04:49PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Jen (jenwesner) | 6 comments Meh. I was bored for most of the book - and when it got to the point where Mike was saying "why didn't I see it?" I'm like seriously dude, aren't you a psychologist? Why didn't you see it indeed! And the whole thing where she killed Phoebe - saw that coming a mile away. Mostly this was one big long drama inside the head of a damaged teenaged girl. I'd rather spend my time inside a happy teenager's head.

Imogen Church was good. But what is it with England and the horrible children who live there treating each other like crap? I'm sure glad I didn't go to school there. Even Harry Potter had it rough.

Therese (avablue14) | 36 comments I love your comments, Jen!

Natalie West (killingmesoftly) I totally agree Jen, it just seemed like a long drawn out drama. Cant wait to return it on audiobooks

Patricia | 2 comments I finished the audio today and I thought it was disturbling great!! The narrator did such a good job with the characters voices. I also had a digital copy and I glanced at it. I notice how her writing structure and sentences were written and I don't know if I would have enjoyed it as much if I had read it. The audio gave off such a creepy vibe. The voice of the mother was both seductive and creepy at the same time. You definitely understood how she manipulated the confidence of other people. I would have loved to have had dual perspectives and dig deeper into the mothers state of mind. I loved getting into the mind of Milly. I had a feeling some of her mother rubbed off on her when she so easily killed the pigeon. That freaked me out! And the way the narrator said, "Up eight. Up another four. The door on the right." You knew something bad had gone on. And when the narriatior would say YOU...I was thinking she meant ME!! Creepy!! I've never read from a female psychopath/molester before. From the beginning I was totally creeped out but morbidly fascinated at the same time. I gave it 4 stars! If you have the option, I'd say definitely listen to the audio. One of the best audio narrations I've heard.

Rachel (theracheldays) | 20 comments Got my book today and just finished too!!

I really enjoyed it but something about it didn’t wow me but left me thinking. I liked the writing style and the story though it was disturbing at time.

I am not sure on the rating yet I think I need to digest the book first.

Heather (lynn6) | 11 comments I read the first 40ish pages, and I was hating the writing style. I decided to pick up the audiobook instead, and it made a world of difference! I really enjoyed the narration. I gave the book 4 stars here on Goodreads, but it might be more of a 3.5. I did wonder if the ending was supposed to be shocking. It seemed pretty obvious that Milly killed Phoebe. Regardless, I enjoyed it!

Therese (avablue14) | 36 comments Just finished audio. Three stars for decent beginning and trial. Definitely foreshadowing of Phoebe’s death. No surprise there. Instead of Mike being strong and confident his naiveness annoyed me. I have to remember that this is a debut novel, but I’ve read lots of other debuts that impressed me more.

message 39: by Lisa-Books Smiles (last edited Aug 20, 2018 07:24AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lisa-Books Smiles (lisabookssmiles) HI Everyone!!! I love all the discussion going on and the reviews are all over the place from 2 stars to 5 stars. We are going to have a lot to talk about in the live show. Don't forget to come over to my youtube channel on Sunday August 26th at 7pm's going to be a great time. Also, in the live show I'll be letting you all know what book I picked for my monthly Voxer Buddy Read for September. I'll announce the book at the beginning of the live show - there is only 5 spots available. Love you all! See you on Sunday, Lisa xo

Rachel (theracheldays) | 20 comments 100% would love to be part of the voxer group!

Therese (avablue14) | 36 comments I'd like to as well, Lisa. Count me in on Voxer if space permits.

Trish (jpolking) | 135 comments I was struggling with the physical book(was not enjoying the writing style) so I decided to do the Audio version and it really helped !!
I am really looking forward to the liveshow on Sunday!

Candice (candicerosado) | 21 comments Im hoping I can join in on Sunday. Saturday is moving day.

Shannon Quinn | 23 comments I just finished this book and I really enjoyed it! The writing style didn't bother me. I know I've read at least a few other books in this style because it's familiar, but i don't remember which books they were. Parts of this one were predictable, but I still enjoyed the ride. Strong 4 stars from me!

Lisa-Books Smiles (lisabookssmiles) Candice wrote: "Im hoping I can join in on Sunday. Saturday is moving day."

Hi Candice, I hope your moving day goes smoothly for you! : -)

Rebecca (booksandbreggs) Kelly I finished it last night, HOLY CRAP, it was disturbingly creepy. Many said the writing style was odd, but I write like I talk (and think), so too me, it wasn't bad. I liked it, I didn't love it, but it was pretty good for a debut novel. I can imagine the things she heard and saw as a mental health nurse. I gave it four stars. It beat out last months Magpie Murders and The Book of M. (and Magpie wasn't bad, just long) You Divas pick good books. I'll see you on Sunday!!!

Trish (jpolking) | 135 comments Rebecca -I am happy that you will be joining us on Sunday xo

message 48: by Beth (new) - rated it 3 stars

Beth | 12 comments I give this 3.5. I enjoyed it, but felt it was predictable. Definitely knew she was going to kill Phoebe. Hard to believe Mike didn’t know Phoebe was bullying Milly. Really? I enjoyed the writing style. Getting into Milly’s head. Thought it added to the creepiness, and kept me reading.

Brenda (bkjordan) | 8 comments I gave this book 4 stars. I wasn’t surprised to learn that Annie had killed Daniel. There were hints to this throughout the book. Phoebe was incredibly cruel to Annie/Milly, which made it difficult to feel bad that she was killed, but at the same time, I didn’t care for Milly, either.

Lisa-Books Smiles (lisabookssmiles) Live show tonight at 7pm EST! Hope you all can make it 💕

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