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Leading Ronan in, Marco shut the door behind them and did a quick glance around his rather bare by comparison to most apartment. He turned the lock, stepping forward to flick the switch up as studio lights flooded the main room, "You can sit wherever you'd like to, I can have dinner ready in... approximately ten minutes, though of course it also depends on what you'd like to eat. Any particular requests?" he asked, unbuttoning his jacket and carefully setting it on the hook beside the closet door.

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Despite having little interest in home design, Ronan could recognize an elegant house when he was in one. He was careful not to be too distracted from Marco himself, but being inside his private space was in itself a satisfying situation.

There was more space than Ronan had anticipated, but the lack of clutter was so entirely in-character for the straitlaced teacher than he knew Marco to be. It was a hostile space, it looked lived in with a few personal touches here and there, but aside from that it was like a hotel room. Ronan's own cramped two-bedroom flat that he shared was a compost heap of clothes and old furniture by comparison, something he hadn't been concerned with until that moment. It wasn't that messy, but it was cluttered and had the inhabitants dubious design choices layered throughout. Such a space was beneath Marco, and evidently not at all in his taste. Ronan would have to move, he concluded.

"No. I can't cook. I haven't had home cooking in years," he said, unsure what to do as he followed Marco. Did he have to sit somewhere? Would he be expected to help? He could help. Though, he wasn't sure if he would get in the way considering his ineptitude with kitchens as a whole. If Marco was the one cooking, did that mean he was the one trying to date Ronan? It didn't seem like it, so should Ronan have been the one to make the food? He was above fidgeting openly in the face of stress, but he did thumb at the cigarette pack in his jacket pocket. At some point he'd have to duck out for a quick breather, he could feel it.

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Nothing in life that Marco had come across so far had really warranted a place in the household. To say he was minimalist would be a vast understatement - Marco never really brought anything home with him if it didn't have some benefit to being there. Same went with Ronan. While he was thoroughly shaken by the day's events, the tremor, the second tail, an admittedly attractive oni demanding his attention - wrinkling his papers, he still felt as though he needed to invite Ronan over. As if there was something there unspoken or perhaps unfinished. Either way, he knew he wouldn't have been able to just walk away from that classroom alone with no explanation.

And again, Ronan was a very pretty man. Not that Marco was gay - he was just comfortable with his sexuality.

He stopped in the middle of the kitchen, turning to face him and tilting his head, "Really, you can sit, here" he beelined back to the living room and picked up the remote, turning on the television, classical music adding that final elegant factor to the atmosphere. "Relax, you seem... anxious."

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Having just flinched at the sudden onset of music, attempting to brush off the callout on Ronan's nerves would have been futile. That wouldn't stop him.

"I'm not anxious," he assured. "I don't want to frighten you." He collapsed onto one of the seats, carefully languid. "You're the anxious one, sir," he added immaturely. He folded his arms and rested his elbows on the tabletop, leaning forward and tipping his head to the side to watch Marco's every move.

Aside from exist in the other's space Ronan wasn't sure what their dinner was going to entail. Marco had been more forward than he was expecting, having invited him over so soon after revealing he hadn't known the truth about his Kitsune nature. It dawned on Ronan that perhaps this wasn't a date, then, and that Marco had invited him over purely to sort this whole thing out. Well, as long as it ended in Ronan's favour he could live with that.

"Why did you do this?"

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The pans shuffled together quite loudly as Marco tugged out a skillet, setting it on the stove and turning on the heat as he grabbed the oil, taking out ingredients hastily. He was always one to multi task.

"Huh? Why did I do what?" he questioned, tilting his head. He glanced towards the living room, tugging his sleeves up. Spaghetti it was. He hoped Ronan liked noodles.

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"Bring me for dinner," Ronan clarified, watching Marco roll up his sleeves and prepare to cook. The man did not frequent a gym, that much was apparent, but he wasn't quite a noodle. "We going to talk, even though you don't believe me? Or," he paused, straightening in his seat, "are we going to sleep together?"

It really wasn't that Ronan was anxious, not in the way that would be expected of him. He was anxious in the most elated way, wanting to jump forward to a time when things were going according to plan. He wanted to hurry the process along.He was more comfortable in Marco's home than he was at the academy and it showed. There was no glowering or hesitancy before he spoke, and he'd said more to Marco in the past ten minutes than he had throughout his academic career.

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Marco listened carefully as he cut onions along a board, slicing a small cut through his finger in his surprise though - once he'd heard Ronan's last question. He jumped, pulling his hand away and hissing in pain, glancing around for bandaids.

"No it isn't that I don't believe you - I just thought we could-" blood pooled along his finger and scrambled around the kitchen, opening drawers trying to find that damn box of bandaids. "I thought we could get to know each other - I don't mean anything by this, Ronan, but I'm not gay" he said somewhat shakily, as if trying to convince himself.

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There was a loud clatter as Ronan's chair fell backwards, pushed back carelessly as he jumped to his feet after Marco cut himself. As he moved towards Marco he stumbled, too zeroed in on the blood on his hand to care that he was tripping over his own feet, which were releasing unsettling cracks and groans as they were force into a different, much larger form.

It had been bound to happen, his already unstable control over his form after the tremors and the excitement of having connected with his Kitsune weakening his usually comfortable control over his body. Seeing Marco get hurt, seeing the blood, even from a wound as shallow as it was had been enough to jolt Ronan into shifting into his Oni form. The experience was not an unpleasant one, the same feeling of satisfying, popping discomfort that came with cracking knuckles. It could cause disorientation, though, and as he had been speeding over to Marco as the shift had forced itself over him, his motor controls did not stand a chance.

Now significantly larger, greener, and larger, Ronan ended up slamming down onto one knee and into the kitchen bench, narrowly missing Marco himself. Even down on his knees, in this form his eyes were level with Marco's, his two horns extending his height so that, were it to come down to technicalities, he would have been just the same height. He blinked slowly, owlishly, mind catching up with his body as one did after taking a fall. Breathing heavily, lips catching on two of his lower teeth that were now protruding into almost-tusks, Ronan attempted to smooth things out.

"I'm so-- I didn't... are you okay?" He asked, voice lower than earlier but still recognizable and noticeably sheepish. If Marco had been unattracted to him before, he had both just made a fool of himself and revealed the monster that he truly was; seduction, already a flimsy card, was certainly no longer on the table.

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Initially shocked by the sound of the chair being thrown to the floor - Marco jumped, eyes widening as he stared up at Ronan, opening his mouth to speak but only letting out a trembling breath. He wasn't sure what to say.

When Ronan spoke he felt a wave of relief wash over him. At least he wasn't feral. Marco had dealt with feral werewolves before, those that couldn't exactly control when they shifted, who had short fuses and were easy to rile up. He'd seen some rather significantly horrific things in his day - Ronan wasn't all that scary after a moment of processing.

"... I'm fine" he spoke up, swallowing before bringing his wounded finger to his lip and gently sucking at it, hoping to stop the bleeding just a bit. But it'd heal eventually, he healed pretty fast. "... Are you okay?" he redirected, gesturing to the new form he took.

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It was a ridiculous notion, that someone would lose any intelligence or have a complete change in character within the process of changing form when the form taken was not a creature of mindless hunger or feral influence. Ronan, though, as staring at Marco dumbly, watching the way his lips pulled over his own finger, the lightest trace of red staining his mouth. He was blunt by nature, yes, but his stare was more blatant in that moment than he had ever dared before. The accompanying silence, only emphasized by his still-heavy breathing after falling, did nothing to conceal his indelicate focus.

It took some time for him to break free of his trance, blinking rapidly and looking away to where his hands had caught on the counter to support him. He tentatively lifted his palms off the surface, ducking his head to check beneath, fingers still pressed down and the rest of his hand covering any potential damage he had done. The bench, not being metal, thankfully wore no signs of his crash, no dents or cracks left behind to leave mark of his rough treatment. Pleased that he wouldn't be removed from Marco's home so soon, Ronan lifted his hands away completely and folded them over his chest, unsure what else to do with them, fearing the the opportunities such a clean, proper house presented for a large Oni.

Marco had asked him a question, fuck. Was it too late to answer? Ronan wondered if it would be more inappropriate to leave the direct query unanswered, or to answer it minutes after it had been presented. He lifted one shoulder in a half-shrug, eyes shifting back to Marco to gauge if he still expected an answer.

"I'm usually good at this," he tried, already fumbling over words in his head, trying to piece together a coherent explanation for an answer. "I just, since last week, that rumbling, and now you, you're so, and I-- you hurt yourself, which is my fault, I just meant that you're you and it's not like I didn't want to fuck you before, I didn't think that suggesting it would make you-- but it's different now, so I just?"

He wanted to die. He wanted his ancestors to descend on him with their clubs, squishing him into the floor, then clean it up thoroughly so that Marco wouldn't have to live with his pulverized corpse seeping into the ground as a reminder of this moment. This was the very reason Ronan did not talk. If there was a single thing he was self-conscious about, it was just how uncool he became when he opened his mouth. His dark skin tone concealed the beginnings of his blush well, and for that he was thankful. There was something about being i Oni form that lowered his inhibitions and made pausing to think a tedious task, preferring more than ever to act how he wanted as soon as he wanted, and leave the consequences to be untangled later.

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The tension built like brick against brick and the silence only added a layer of insulation. He could feel Ronan's gaze on him, peering down at him in a way that brought heat to his cheeks, a gentle pink hue invading the soft olive shades they usually took. He swallowed dryly, leaning back against the counter and biting his lip as he felt the edge of it jut into his back uncomfortably.

Ronan's words were enough to bring that wall crashing down, as if it'd cracked and simply fallen over, leaving them both out in the open and vulnerable. He felt like his cheeks were undergoing the most intense effects of global warming - he felt like they had to look sunburnt by now, rosie and bright against his complexion.

"Fuck me?" the words were obscene coming from him, not to mention absurd. Swearing just really didn't fit him. Before he even realized it, his tails flickered behind him, swerving about, making it quite clear he was flustered as the ears atop his head twitched nervously.

"I should... I... Dinner, you should just sit down I'm... I've got to make dinner" he insisted as though his life depended on it.

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Hearing those words, even though Ronan himself had said them not seconds earlier, coming from Marco made Ronan's pulse jump. It shouldn't have been so exciting, but to hear his ex-teacher say them in such a way... he could almost imagine them as a plea, as a request, and he'd certainly be thinking on it at a later time. Maybe several later times. In quick succession, all versions of which would end in Ronan saying yes.

"No," he said flatly, quickly roping his verbal communication back to as fewer syllables as possible, even though his rambling had elicited such a desirable response. "I'll help you." It sounded like a demand, but there was just enough space for it to be a question, just enough softness for it to be denied should Marco wish.

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Marco blinked at his response, staring up at Ronan and swallowing harshly once more, the cut fully healed but the blood still lingering on his lips. He brought his hand down, eyes flickering over he other's form, "You should.. Consider changing back - so you don't hit your head on the ceiling" he urged, turning and tossing the cut vegetables into the pan, "Uhm..." he'd forgotten to turn it on. He fumbled around nervously, clearly shaken by the whole experience in more ways than one, the fur on his tails fluffed up in distress.

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Smiling was not something Ronan was cautious of when in Oni form, the sharpness of it fitting perfectly fine with his burly features. At the clear concern, even if it was for his own ceiling, he gave a surprised huff of laughter and a wide grin, tilting his head back to look up. His horns cleared the ceiling comfortably, but there would be no room to jump.

Still, if it would made Marco more comfortable then that was what he would do. Just before closing his eyes to focus better he watched Marco, taking in the two tails, smile widening further before he settled back to concentrate. He waited for the familiar feeling of being squished back into human size and shape, and when thirty seconds passed and he still hadn't changed he cracked on eye open and frowned. Usually it was quick, a matter of inhaling all that he was and bottling it up. He crouched down, sitting back on his heels, looking at eye level with Marco again but this time with his eyes cast downward. He was supposed to be the protective, obedient force for his Kitsune, and he couldn't manage such a simple request. Everything was going so wrong, and he could feel the stirrings of anger biting chunks out of his happiness.

"I can't." It was a simple statement, only the barest hint of worry entwined with honest confusion. He'd never had trouble shifting back before. Not once. He rocked backwards to land on his ass with a dull thud, bringing his knees to his chest and wrapping his arms around them, trying to fold himself into as unobstructing a form as he was able. Absolutely useless.

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Marco couldn't help but jump at the sound of the thud, opening his mouth to speak but quickly stopping himself, unsure of what to say. He glanced at the stove, the food he'd hardly even begun to cook - ten minutes, sure, ten minutes ago. He sighed heavily.

"... Why not?" he asked, leaning against the table. He was beginning to wonder if it'd just be more convenient to order a pizza at this point. He hadn't had junk food in a long while anyways and Ronan was... young. Surely he had a taste for pizza?

"Is there something wrong?" he continued, tilting his head curiously.

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Ronan shrugged, resting his chin on his knees. He wasn't certain, but he felt his issue would have something to do with Marco, or at least the situation they were in. Perhaps it would always be like this, with his Oni side overlapping his humanity when in the presence of his Kitsune. The idea was unfortunate.

"It's not working, I'm too, uh," he paused, mind running over some possibilities. The silence drew out longer as a shitty, awful spark of a plan jumped into his mind, mouth implementing it before his common sense could intervene. "It's a part of this process. The... the reason I want sleep with you now was because of this." He shrugged his shoulders again. "I won't to force you. I'll just stay like this, it'll be fine."

His lie wasn't that bad, he placated his conscience. If Marco didn't care at all, if he would have been happy to leave Ronan in Oni form forever, then he'd just say so. If he really couldn't stand the thought of being with Ronan then he could deny him and leave him to fate he was lying about. It would help, too. So it wasn't an entire falsehood, right?

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Marco wasn't stupid. In fact, quite the contrary - he was very intelligent. He'd had plenty of time to study up. But gullible? That was a completely different story, Marco was a very gullible person. Though he'd be lying to himself if he didn't admit that he at least found Ronan the slightest bit attractive. Okay... maybe a lot more than that. Regardless, he was shocked, staring at Ronan and raising his brows.

"... So if we do... Your certain it will help you placate that side of you?" he asked carefully, not quite sure if he was understanding this all. He wanted to help Ronan, really. And he did like the company - he'd never had a visitor over to his apartment before. It could get very lonely around here.

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Whatever bad mood Ronan had been under evaporated, tipping forward onto his knees and into Marco's space. While his face wasn't very expressive itself, the way his body gravitated towards Marco spoke for his keen interest and anticipation for itself.

"Yeah," he breathed, voice cracking even in the one syllable he managed. He cleared his throat, taking a couple of breaths before repeating in a firmer tone, "yeah, it should."

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Marco nodded slowly, swallowing, "I.. the uhm..." he struggled to find words, never before having found himself in a situation quite like this one. It was taking some time to fully process everything. He kept telling himself it was for the greater good but that didn't stop the nervousness that bubbled within him. He felt like it'd boil over, like he'd melt right then and there. And when Ronan moved forward he tensed, tails flickering in different directions.

"The bedroom's over there" he pointed out, unsure of whether or not that was exactly useful information.

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Ronan spared a glance towards where Marco was gesturing before his eyes slid back to him, now half-closed with lids heavy.

"No dinner?" He asked teasingly, eyebrows raised. He could live with skipping food, probably, but it'd be his own loss he knew.

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