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Amanda Hey guys! So yesterday we had the wonderful news from Marie Lu herself that the Legend film and TV rights have been sold again (previously sold to CBS Films), to BCDF Pictures. So I decided to make a new discussion board where if (hopefully) they move forward with it, anyone can post new updates!

It's been a long road for Legend fans and even though this still doesn't mean the film or tv series is for sure happening I'm still super excited. Joseph Muszynski is set to write a new screenplay based on the first novel. Marie Lu was quoted "The script that BCDF has put together looks fantastic and stays so true to the story and characters," said Lu. "I'm incredibly excited about working with this amazing team and bringing Legend to life."

Also a fan asked her on twitter to please not whitewash the characters and she said "We are all 1000% on board with keeping the casting true!" :D :D :D :D

Honestly this is very exciting news. The Legend series is amazing and deserves an awesome, true adaption. Again it may not happen but I'm going to keep my fingers crossed! :D

Here's the link if anyone is interested in reading it :D


As far as casting goes, I hope they get new, unknown actors. That's just my two cents :D

Jasmin Hansen Omg I am so glad to find out this is happening! When I first read the book, I couldn't believe it hadn't been made to a movie yet, and now it is!!

And bless the fact that they are not whitewashing anybody!

bookworm12 I hope they actually make the movie this time. And they make it soon.

bookworm12 I was part of the other disscusion and didn't think the movie was ever going to be made. I hope they follow through

Mari i dont really know if i want a movie.... bcause they arent gonna be able to make it as good as the books u know?

and indeed, they have to pick new actors

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