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Ash | 44 comments Here are all my babies

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Ash | 44 comments 「01.」 supernatural
▾ ⋮ name: kylias demitri
▾ ⋮ species: gorgon
▾ ⋮ power lvl: seven
▾ ⋮ abilities:
>kylias is immune to any type of poison or venom, no matter how it gets in her system
>kylias, despite being blind, is still able to petrify people through touch
>she can also see the world through a type of sensing, which was a result of her first splinter.
>unbeknownst to her, kylias is able to splinter herself to the void, something she has only successfully once by accident. She is too afraid to try this again
>while not necessarily an ability requiring power, kylias is incredibly perceptive, both of people and of things around her. This is due to her sensing ability.
▾ ⋮ wealth: she is able to live comfortably, but she isn’t exactly wealthy

▾ ⋮ place of birth: sycaruse
▾ ⋮ age: eighteen
▾ ⋮ influence: shade
▾ ⋮ year: seventh year
▾ ⋮ house: v o i d

▾ ⋮ appearance:

one describing kylias would say she is fair. Although she has the ability to have normal hair, she prefers her snakes. They keep her company. Her snakes are large, and dread like. They are all pitch with light purple under bellies and eyes. The longest ones reaches down to her mid/lower back. Her skin, similar to her snakes, is dark brown, nearly black, with the shade of purple freckling along her face, shoulders and knees. There are some scales occasionally visible on her skin as well, in the shape of curved diamonds. The position of these change daily, though if she is overloaded with stress (or possibly having a panic attack) they can run rampant along her skin; becoming and unbecoming in lines all around her body. She has long legs, and stands at about five feet with an added six inches. Technically her snakes could make her taller but she considers that cheating a bit. Her eyes, if she were not blind, would be a similar purple to her freckles and snakes. However, due to her disability, they are instead and clear grey, and glossed over; almost making her irises the same as the whites of her eyes. Though they will still move like normal. Her nose is curved inwards, wide, and is slightly on the smaller side. Her lips are in between small and large, and perfectly fit in between her nose and chin. She has softer cheekbones, and smaller ears, which often hid under her snakes. Her shoulders aren’t incredibly lean, and her arms don’t show much muscle, either. But she doesn’t need overwhelming strength to be deadly. Her hands are a bit small, and at the end of each finger are black sharp claws with purple on the tips. She makes sure to keep them at a reasonable length.
▾ ⋮ personality:

kylias is what one would call quiet, calm, composed. At the least, this is what she is on the outside. To most she will seem like a smart student who studies for most of her free time. She always appears to have a neutral expression on her face, with the little exceptions of times when she smiles or gets angry. However most people don’t know she is much more than that. In reality, she isn’t actually studying. She’s is researching all she can on her powers and the place she visited. Her anxiety about her powers compels her to do so almost all the time. She yearns to do more things besides that. She likes to go out with close friends, enjoy nature, people watch, things that get her out of the textbook. She can sometimes come off as creepy or off-putting when she people watches, however. To sense everyone around her, she needs to focus quite a bit. And to get a good look at someone in particular she has to hone in on where they’re sitting or standing and such. This can come off as people staring, which from a gorgon isn’t very comforting. Kylias is smart and witty, and is usually good at judging one’s character. She is very perceptive, and can often tell when someone is lying to her. She can be wrong from time to time, and because of this she is very careful to confront people about it. If she enjoys the person’s company she would very much like to keep them around; and so she doesn’t want to lose that from such an accusation. She cares deeply for her friends and family, and wouldn’t let anyone hurt them without getting through her first. Though this is a side you wouldn’t seem of her unless you were apart of said group, really. The same could be said about her anxiety. She doesn’t much like that part of her, and tries to keep it a secret from those who don’t know her well. She is nervous she might kill someone if her anxiety gets too high. She can be suspicious of others depending on what she senses from them, and can be wary of those she doesn’t know. Though as she gets to know a person more, she will open up a bit and become more warm to them. Kylias can be a bit harsh when she gets angry. She truly does have a snake’s tongue in arguments, and her words can be a venom of their own. She acts depending on how heated the argument is. She doesn’t always mean what she says, which can later lead to regret. Again, she doesn’t want to lose the people she cares about, whether it’s their life or their relationship. And she will do her damndest not to do so.
▾ ⋮ history:

kylias was born during dusk, just upon the cusp of night and day. It was a shock once she opened her eyes, revealing the white glossiness that laid behind them. A blind gorgon. Most had thought it unheard of. And there she was. Though soon it was discovered she still held the power of petrification when she petrified the plush they had her cling to. It took her a long time to get adjusted to this new world she had been thrust into. As she grew she was able to identify any person by their voice and smell. Her mother smelled like poisonous flowers and honey, with a soft voice. She also learned to recognize each of her snakes individually. Her father smelled of crisp smoke and burning wood. His voice was deeper, but still was kind. She lived in darkness until she was three years old. Suddenly she had this overwhelming urge that she couldn’t identify. She tried to focus on it but couldn’t really. It was like a phantom. Until suddenly she felt her body break away from her in most painful way. She was in a dark ocean, and suddenly drowning. She didn’t know where she was or what to do. Then suddenly she was back in the family living room, though the floor and anything that was on it in a one foot radius was now turned to stone. She barely talks about it with anyone besides close family. After that day she began to see things differently. She felt objects around her, and could sense their shape. And this allowed her to perceive the world, in a way. As she grew she was more easily able to sense things, and find her surroundings. She hasn’t dared to go back to that dark ocean she remembers so hauntingly, though it does visit her in dreams from time to time. Those are her worst nights. Once she got her acceptance letter to Addermire her parents readied for her to leave. Everyone was excited. As she grew more throughout her years she tried to gain more of an understanding of her powers, and the dark ocean. The search on the ocean didn’t have much headway for a long time. Though she did gain knowledge on her ability to splinter to it. Though she still doesn’t dare attempt it again. Since she was three years old the only thing she had seen of the horrid place were glimpses she caught in nightmares and panic attacks. She doesn’t know why would happen if she kept herself there, and doesn’t want to try.
▾ ⋮ lineage:

mother - sparked, gorgon
father - sparked, unknown

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