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message 1: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy Gideon | 267 comments Mod
Greetings! Just a reminder that we will not be meeting this month. All discussion is on the Goodreads' discussion boards.

To get the discussion started, I found some discussion questions online at LitLovers and Just Us Gals. Please feel free to answer these questions and post your own!

1. How would you describe Jazz Bashara? Did you enjoy her flippancy, finding it amusing? Or did you find it tiresome?

2. How do you view Jazz's illegal activities: first her smuggling and then her involvement in the aluminum smelting scheme? Does she have a moral compass? Is she an easy or difficult character to root for?

3. If Jazz is so intelligent, which both she and others make frequent mention of, why does she remain in her menial, low-paying job? What role has the rift with her father had on her life choices?

4. Was this book classic good vs. evil - or was it more of an antihero story? How would you characterize the story's plot?

5. How is the moon society described by Weir similar to vacation destinations here on earth today? How is it completely different? Would you want to visit Artemis?

6. Andy Weir endows his stories with nerdy scientific detail. Many find this minutia fascinating, others not so much. Which camp are you in?

7. Do you see the book as a realistic portrayal of the future? Could you envision this all playing out?

8. Did you like the literary device Weir used to portray Jazz's past - the e-messages?

9. Are you satisfied with the way the novel ended? Did the pacing of the last segment live up to the phrase "compulsive reading" or "a real page-turner” for you?

10. Do you think Jazz served a just punishment for her crimes? Is there an alternate ending you would have preferred?

11. If you've read (and/or seen) The Martian, Weir's first work, how does this novel compare? Some (not all, by any means) believe it was written more as a future film than as a literary work.

12. If a movie adaptation were released would you watch it?

13. At what point in the story did you decide whether you liked it? Would you recommend this book?

message 2: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy Gideon | 267 comments Mod
1. For the most part I liked Jazz. She's a bit impulsive when it comes to the "next big scheme," but enjoyed seeing things from her POV.

2. She really needed to think things through more. I don't think she's inherently immoral, but she was so single-minded in her quest to pay back the debt she felt she owed her father that she was willing to do some questionable things.

3. I think her impulsiveness, bad life decisions, and her willingness to cut corners that keep her as a porter. She didn't pass her test at the beginning of the book because she didn't thoroughly inspect her gear. If she wasn't in such a hurry, she would have been on the career path she wanted for herself. Part of this stems from the rift with her father; she's impatient to pay him back.

4. Jazz is by no means a hero. This is the story of an anti-hero. Sure, she saves everyone on the station, but she's kind of the reason they needed saving in the first place.

5/7. I would want to visit Artemis, but I doubt I'd be able to afford it. I think one of the saddest parts about this story, is that humankind has managed to colonize the moon and yet they haven't fixed poverty. I could easily see this future and it's basically today's society on the moon. Kinda sad.

6. TBH I mostly hate all the science speak and details.

8. I did like the e-messages as a way to reveal Jazz's back story. I think it helped me empathize with Jazz more and that without it I probably wouldn't have liked her as much as I do. I like Kelvin and would like to see things from his POV.

9. I felt the ending dragged. There were too many worst-case scenarios to overcome and by the end I expected her to survive and remain on the moon.

10. Not at all. She should have served prison time. She literally almost killed the entire station. And by the end of the book, you realize she didn’t really learn from her mistakes. She’s ready for the next big get-rich-quick scheme.

11. I liked Artemis better than the Martian. Both have the “everything that will go wrong does” with no relief. This works well in movies, but not so much in books. You can use this technique once or twice in a book, but after that it loses suspense.

12. I can easily see this as a movie. (I think I would like it better as a movie than I did as a book.)

13. I was interested in the world and characters early in the story. I don't think the ending lived up to the expectations set in the beginning, but overall, I liked it well enough to finish.

Amanda Kratz | 35 comments Mod
1. I didn’t like Jazz at all. She felt so young and immature. She states when she is 26, but from the emails to Kelvin The math suggests she is only 19/20 at most. (She is 17 when she breaks up with Shawn & Kelvin’s sister gets pregnant. When Kelvin’s sister is 6months pregnant Jazz begins to date Tyler. When Kelvin’s sister has the baby a home a few months she breaks up with Tyler. When Dale catches her in the air lock he says the breakup was a year ago). She seems to carry such a chip on her shoulder and I don’t know why? Why was she always resenting being told she had potential? I don’t understand her reasons for rebellion. Also they kept calling her a slut which as far as we know she has only slept with 2 men. She readily admits she sleeps around but I feel some unnecessary slut shaming here. I understand some cultures would consider any premarital relations wrong but this is supposed to be 50+ years in the future. Anyway I didn’t like the implications.

2. I’m not sure about Jazz’s moral compass. It seems morals on the moon are completely different (legal pedophilia, youth drinking, etc - they seem to turn a blind eye to things). Considering she had never done anything besides some simple smuggling I thought sabotage felt like a big leap.

3. Again. how a young girl with clearly no college and a poor application of self even in high school understand all these complex scientific situations? If she was so desperate to pay off her dad I’d think that she would have actually applied herself to a legitimate career. Being a porter seems like a convenient job just to move be plot along.

4. I’d think anti-hero. Kind of the petty criminal that gets mixed up with the mob and tries to do the right thing. (Just set in space so it could drone on about science)

5. Well Artemis sets itself up as a tourist destination and mentions some of the attractions but really it sounds pretty boring other than the being in space. I’d hope there was something else to do besides sleep with prostitutes and take a train out to the Apollo sites in a giant hamster ball. I couldn’t justify the cost to visit.

6. I hated all the over detailed science stuff. It added nothing for me. I skimmed large portions of the welding and gas stuff.

7. Some of it I see as possible, other parts not so much. I don’t think you’d have a space colony without laws and some serious government red tape restrictions. I also can’t imagine a town of 10k isolated from any other population or help that wouldn’t have some sort of hospital. Also how could a society survive long term if every time a woman got pregnant they had to go back to earth? And children under the age of 12 were banned. Not much of a society. You’d have such a high population turn over. Jazz seems to be the exception and got in when the laws were you had to be 6, but with so few kids what kind of eduction could she have gotten? And considering kids were out of the picture for her because she lived there so long she wouldn’t be able to go to earth. Again the population couldn’t survive if every women there had the same problem.

8. I didn’t mind literary device of the emails to Kelvin. However again it they messed up the time line a bit and seemed awfully convenient to be able to allow her to set up her smuggling operation. It’s an indivisible character really.

9. I feel like like it left the ending open for a potential sequel (if it sold well enough). It was an easy read but page turner, not so much. It was the science stuff it bogged me down.

10. No things worked out too well for Jazz in the end. Seriously she cut off the air supply to an entire city because she what? Didn’t want the mob to make more money? Time to build the first lunar jail and come up with some super crappy community service projects.

11. I liked the Martian (both book & film). I’m not sure about this as a movie. Again I think the space theme was just because the author wanted to explain the science. This story could easily take place on earth. Space adds nothing to me. It isn’t important enough to justify the setting. I wouldn’t go watch it.

12. I wouldn’t go watch it. (Maybe if it came to Netflix I’d watch it)

13. I really liked the EVA stuff in the beginning and thought it was gonna go a different direction. As soon as she started her plot to take apart the harvesters with the hibb, the terrible disguise, and then boring welding details, I was done. I would recommend the Martian to people, not this.

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