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Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Do you mind if i'm not as detailed with the profile thing or..?

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments No problem, I usually ask just to be safe, seeing as some want a lot of detail an others are kind of lax on it. So I always ask.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Name: Miranda
Age: 21



History : Miranda was raised by her mother and father, along with her one older brother. Her father and mother both passed away when she was 13 and her brother was 15. While they weren't legal age yet no one took them into child custody or put them in homes seeing as there was much more to worry about even back then. So they have raised each other. While Miranda is a bit more quite and shy, her brother is out spoken and a bit of a wild child at points. Which have gotten them both into trouble over the past couple of years but nothing they couldn't handle. Right now they live together in a share apartment on the out skirts of the human side.



Name: Luke

Age: 20


Other info about appearance that I couldn't find: Instead of blue eyes he has purple and has a scar from a fight on his forehead.


History: He grew up rich and went to a boarding school, while he was highly known within the school, he wasn't highly liked by some. Mostly the teachers and the popular kids. But he cared less. Now it's his turn to run the business that his great grandfather started up and has been passed down to the men in the family over the decades- or in their case menlinla's. Even though it's not something he enjoys it's what he knew he was meant to do.


Name: Katie Nick Name: Kat

Age: 19



History: Katie grew up within her pack but then they got wiped out so joined the one that Alex is in out of desperation. Seeing as she knew what would happen to her on her own. It has been about 4 years now since that's happened, even if the memory does come back to haunt her at times. During her time with her pack she lived with her family an while she wasn't one of the lower classes she wasn't one of the highest either. But she could live with that. Now that she's joined this one she's become friendly or as friendly as she could be with a good part of it.


Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Real quick. Do we want four guys and two girls or three guys and three girls?

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Miranda was human but tonight she'd had a bit of trouble slipping away un detected. But finally she'd been able to get to their meeting spot fairly easily and without anyone fallowing her. Casting one more look around her before she finished crossing the space between her and the hut. Seeing that the other's had already arrived. "Oliver, Alex...... Marcus." She greeted. Marcus was she had to say least favorite. Just something about his air and everything. It set her off slightly. But she made it work seeing as in the end they all wanted the same thing. Even if things between them at points could be strained.

Luke, unlike Marcus while he did have a car he'd rather go it by foot. Less questions if someone spot his car. Tonight had been easy to get away. But if this had been last night that would of been a different story. Seeing as last night he'd had a family thing. They hosted one almost every 100 years or so. It just so happened last night had been it. Groaning at the memory of it, being careful to avoid all the trash and yuck as he walked down the ally way. Finally coming to the place. Walking in. " Well I see you made it. Wasn't sure if you would or not tonight." he told Marcus. Giving a nod to the others.

Katie hadn't been to far behind Alex but had known better then to act as if they were both up to something. So had come a bit slower then she had. Crossing over and walking slowly to the meeting spot. Before then also walking into the little hut that they had all agreed was the best spot to meet. Someplace off the beaten path, an that not many knew of. "Hey.."

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Miranda listened, to what everyone had to say, surprised that she was glad to see them all in one piece an that they'd made it. Even Marcus. "I haven't much either I'm afraid. Only a few snipes, of things I've over heard on the street but that's it." And what she did wasn't much by anyone's standers. Looking to Alex wondering what she'd heard on her front.

Luke gave a smile smile in greeting but other then that went to listening to what everyone had to say. Choosing to blow Marcus off. Seeing as he wasn't looking for a fight tonight. Not like the last time at least. But even then none of it really bothered him. "That wont be easy, while people might feel the same as us they wont rightly go around accouning it to everyone either. They'd be too scared to. Maybe we should start with who we trust. Get anything we can on them about what they think. Seeing if they'd be interested." It was a start at least.

Katie couldn't help narrow her eyes at Marcus. Would of spit out a bite me to. To fallow that up but thought he'd might take it for real. So restrained herself. Glad that Alex was here. Sending a quick 'you too.' at her before they got started. Wondering what she'd heard. She hadn't had the chance to snoop much but from what she had over heard it wasn't sounding good. "I don't know what you heard, but from what I've manged to catch it isn't sounding good."

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments ((I'll get it up tomorrow. computers about to die and it's going on 9 so my brain needs time to shut down.))

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments This was news the Miranda. They wouldn't survive an attack. And if they manged to then they'd only be in worse shape then they already where. Plus all the ones that would die because of it. It was very worrying to her just as it was to Oliver it seemed. "It can't happen, we wouldn't be able to survive an attack like that, and even if we did somehow mange to do so we'd only be in worse shape then we are in now." She pointed out. "Isn't their a way to possibly halt the attack? Get him to change his mind?" She doubted it very much but it could never hurt to ask either.

Luke had been expecting something along the lines of possibly them coming after them. But to go after the humans because they seeked more land and believed that they had more then they was a bit much even for him. "I honestly didn't expect that... why would he even go with the attack on them? Not that I would wish for it to be detected at either of us but still. It's a bit postoperative don't you think?"

Katie rolled her eyes. It's about the same thing she'd heard as well. "All I know is that they plan to do so soon, when or how I don't know. I never overheard it or if they even talked about that yet. How about you Alex?" Shooting Marcus a look. "It's called snooping when he's not around."

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Miranda knew that Oliver was right. Not that she liked to think about it or anything of the sort. But he was right non the less. Letting go of a sigh. "I can try and convince some people I know to join our cause. If nothing else that might help in the long run of things if it really does come to that." Even if she did hate to think about what the outcome of that would be and mean for everyone here.

Luke didn't see things ending well either way you tossed the dice. It all sucked in the end. "They might. But even then he might not go for it. You-- well we all know how he is. Then don't. We get this settled out and then when they decide to attack take who you can and seek protection. It's most likely the best way out of the attack." It wasn't a wonderful idea and while some humans he thought- the dumb ones or in some cases the brave one's would stand an try and fight against the wolves. But in the end he knew they'd all end up dead.

Katie nodded, well she had tried. But even if it wasn't easy like it was for them shouldn't he at least be willing to give it a small chance to be able to see what they were planning on doing? She would of. Giving a shrug in response to the answer. "Well that's good that he hasn't moved to the training yet... like you said gives us time to gather more support and come up with a plan." Giving a moment to think. "He might be dark, but he could still be persuaded. Talk the right person into joining- maybe someone he trusts that doesn't like it. And then well, we get them to change his mind. Risky yes. But in the end it could work."

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Miranda nodded, resting a hand on Oliver's shoulder. "We'll be okay... they'll be okay." She assured him even if she didn't know how true that was. At least it would be a bit of hope for the both of them.

Luke was on the same line of thinking. He also needed to get home before the sun rose. Even if he wouldn't die of it, it would still burn like hell until he got out of it. "I should be getting back too. I'll try and get some to join up with us even if I do think it'll be more to cover and save their own asses then anything else." Vampires were just that way. If they thought they had a better chance with the opposing party they'd gladly switch sides without a second thought.

Katie would do the same. "I'll try to talk with people as well tomorrow. See if I can learn anything more, and see who we can possibly recurte." While both Alex and her where in the same pack now they also had different status levels. So while Alex hit the higher ups some she'd get the ones that weren't as high.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Miranda waited a few beats then hurried to catch up with Oliver. Seeing as they lived not close but luckily in the same district. Plus she also didn't want to walk alone. Coming her was fine, but when it hit dark... she didn't like being out on the streets specifically the back streets alone. While she didn't have a crush on him she did consider him a friend. Trying to think up if there was anything they could talk about.

Katie had been one of the first one's out the door next to Luke and Marcus. But paused when she heard Alex running up to her so they could head back together. Considering her words carefully. She wanted to believe that they could change hims mind given time. But the truth was she wasn't so sure. "I think the plan is madness, as do some others, I heard them talking on the way over but had to hide so I didn't get caught. Some of them are even considering deserting. Or so word is. I- I don't know. I would like to think so, given the right person and enough time. But, you know how rash he can be at times."

Luke had taken off at the same time Marcus had. But seeing as he was on foot, he'd be running his way home. Heading back the way he'd come after his good byes and all was said and done.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Katie thought that they both knew that in the end no matter who it was would end up getting hurt. Or worse. "I'll track down who I heard talking tonight, in the morning. They were trackers, that much I do know and I manged to get a look at them. It's always possible that he'll become more angry, but that's a risk we have to take.I-" Stopping when she told her to leave her behind if it came down to one or the other. Looking over worriedly. While they knew it was true and the hunters and higher ups would be first. It still didn't make matter's easier. But, stubbornly agreed. "Alright. But if I get a chance to get you and your family out before I go, I will take it."

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Katie returned the smile, to her friend. "I know you will." She assured her. Seeing as they would both do what they could an hope for the best. Not saying anything more though on the matter of saving or not saving each other. But also had to wonder what Alex had meant by saying that the resistance needed her more. If anything Katie didn't see it that way. Alex had more influence. And in turn could talk more people into joining that had the same rank and power that she had. "See you tomorrow.." Giving a little chuckle at the fact that they'd see each other come tomorrow night as well.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Katie wished she could afford the luxury of sleeping in. But today wasn't that day. She'd fallen asleep last night as soon as she'd hit her pillow even between all the worry and everything else going on. But now it was time to get down to where the trackers where. Seeing as she was one of them as well, even if she was still learning. Only eating a short breakfast an getting dressed before heading out the door. Walking up to where the other's where and listening as the group leader started going over what they'd do today. At some point she'd have to get with the two she heard last night as well as try and get info on some others she thought she had a bit of a chance at convincing.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments After her quick training and go around with all of that. Katie had set out on her own mission of gathering people to see if they'd help support the cause. She'd gone to some of her friends first and had started out slowly. Asking what they thought on all of it. Some of them had been for the idea, seeing as they had their reasons to dislike humans. But she hadn't thought they would of stood for this. Then she'd manged to track down the two she'd heard last night. That had been a little more tracker. Seeing as she had only seen a flash of their faces. But she had been able to do it with the memory she had of their voices. While she didn't know them very well. She did however happened to work with one of them before. She had then gone on to ask what they thought even though, she already knew. Before offering them the chance to team up with them. They had readily agreed to it. By the end of going around she had gathered four people in total to help support them. She could only hope Alex was as lucky with convincing her friends and the people she knew.

Luke had called out of work today. Saying he wouldn't be coming in. Seeing as today he had his own work cut out for him in a totally different kind of way. He had gathered some of his most loyal friends and trusted allies here for a late lunch at his home. He had gone about it like it was just a friendly meeting of lunch but then one of them had questioned him on why they were really there. So in kind he had told them why and about the coming attack that the werewolves were plotting against the humans. Some cared. Other's he could tell were indifferent to the whole thing. Although out of the ten he had gathered eight decided to join. That was pretty good considering he'd been expecting a lot less. Two maybe four if he had been lucky. But eight. That... was saying something about their judge of charter and what kind of people they were. He couldn't help but wonder if Marcus was doing the same today. And if so how many he'd be able to win over, by tonight.

Miranda had gone around to almost all of her friends that she trusted and held most dear and knew where loyal and wouldn't go against her or anyone else and betray them. While she had been slow about it. And still working. So far she'd only gained two supporters. It was still better then non. But she would of liked to have at least gotten more already if she could of. Working her way down the block.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments One it was all said and done, Katie took the few that she had manged to get to agree to help aside to explain and that they'd be meeting tonight. And warned them to be careful when they came, so not to get caught. She'd try an meet up with Alex before hand, see what she had been able to get. Heading out once all questions were answered and they swore that they wouldn't speak a word about this. Looking around for Alex as they separated.

Luke had waited until the two that hadn't joined left. Then he had gone into more detail about it all and how they were planning to meet tonight. Giving them a heads up and added a threat that if they told anyone about this or the group he would personally see to their demise. He wasn't a monster. But he felt as if it did need to be added so that they were aware of what they were getting themselves in to. Soon after it was done and declared that they'd all meet with him and everyone else they left.

Miranda looked down at her phone, as she walked keeping an eye out for any unwanted company. Though the streets where fairly clear of those at the moment. Replying back hastily all who she'd had been able to convince and that she was tracking down a few more to let him know as well.

Cassie    'The Thinker Go Go Go Go' Mis. Roben Goodfellow'\Isabelle Lightwood (cassiecrow) | 14106 comments Katie figured that Alex would become nervous about this after letting so many in on it and rather or not they'd be able to keep it on the down low. That worried her as well. But they had only gone to the people they trusted the most and felt wouldn't betray them. "I manged to get some as well... I know. Mine were too. Don't. It'll work out, if we don't believe that then no else will even if they did agree." She comforted her.

By the end of the day Miranda had manged to get a total of five people to help join. She'd even ventured off into the rougher part of town to do so. But she'd found them. Most of the one's she'd talked to had been to afraid to join or claiming they couldn't because of families and they didn't want to put their families in harms way. She could understand that. If it wasn't for her brother she might not joined. But she had somehow even gotten him to join with them, amazingly enough. They all knew the spot to meet at. So by now she was just hoping that they all got there and didn't back out.

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