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message 1: by Robert (new)

Robert Dallmann (robert_dallmann) | 142 comments Jesus said He would rise on the third day. Do we live like He is ALIVE?

Are we like Jesus' followers? He tells us something and we look elsewhere for it?

He told His disciples that He would rise from the dead on the third day...
...why were they looking for Him in the tomb

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message 2: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Marsman | 2 comments Christ Jesus the Messiah appeared in the flesh over 2000 years ago. You and I weren't around that time so if we are going to know what happened in those days we have to rely on The Holy Bible which does not lie. I can't say what the disciples were thinking but what we do know is that Christ was surely risen and he appeared to His disciples shortly after as proof.
Finally, I would like to ask you a question. - If the world should live like the way Christ teaches us to live, WOULD WE BE IN THIS MESS TODAY?
Things have gotten so bad on earth that Christ himself promised to go and prepare a place for Christians because of the sinful nature of man. There will never be any peace here on earth. Living on earth is like living in Hell.
Just like when an individual commits a crime and is arrested and charged by the police, he or she goes to jail as a holding place, tried and if convicted they go to prison. On planet earth when you sin and do not accept Christ way, EARTH HAS BECOME THAT HOLDING PLACE FOR HELL. - No doubt Christ way is the best. Wake up!

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