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message 1: by Michael (new)

Michael Thoe I do 95% of my reading via audiobook at work. Honestly, it’s probably the best benefit working on a vehicle production line. So for 10+ hours a day, since I also listen to them on the drive to and from work, I listen to audiobooks. As you can assume, I burn through them FAST and I am always on the lookout for more. I was wondering what where people’s favorite audiobook to see if I have listen to that series already!

message 2: by Billy (new)

Billy Munich | 12 comments Most of my reading comes from audiobooks as well (I turn them to 1.5 speed). Listening to them at work would be awesome!

I really liked the most of the narrators that they used on the Brandon Sanderson books, and there are a lot of them. Them aren't his most well know books, but his Alcatraz series makes for great listening.
I think my favorite audiobook narration was WIl Wheaton from Peter & Max by Bill Willingham. It's a novel from the Fables comic series from Vertigo. It is should stand alone, but it does spoil about 50 issues of the comic.
The Bill Hodges trilogy from Stephen King is narrated by Will Patton (from Remember the Titans and Falling Skies). He is a REALLY good narrator. I was hoping they would cast him for the show, but the guy the got (Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter) was good too.

message 3: by Neil (new)

Neil Gordon (blank007) | 7 comments Try The Land. It's 7 books deep atm. If you have read that one try the Ascend Online series. If you have read that one already then try Awaken Online. If you have read all of those already then try Life Reset or The Ritualist. Those are my top fav LitRpg series on Audiobooks

message 4: by Daniel (new)

Daniel Katz | 22 comments My absolute favorite is not LitRPG (Super Powereds, as well as really anything else by Drew Hayes), but as far as actual LitRPG audiobook series:
Adam Elliott - Tower of Babel
Aleron Kong - Chaos Seeds
Andrew Rowe - Arcane Ascension (technically LitRPG)
Antonio Terzini - Dante's Immortality
Blaise Corvin - Delvers LLC
Charles Dean - Bathrobe Knight
Cosimo Yap - The Gam3
Dakota Krout - The Divine Dungeon
Dakota Krout - The Ritualist
Drew Hayes - Split the Party (also known as NPCs)
Justin Miller - World Seed
Michael Chatfield - Emirilia
Robert Bevan - Caverns and Creatures
Travis Bagwell - Awaken Online
Virlyce - Blue Dragon Mage

message 5: by Michael (new)

Michael Thoe Thanks everyone for the suggestions! Unfortunately, I’ve listen to most of these, hence my dilemma. I probably should of opened up with my list. The list is shortened to the first book of the series but I’ve probably listened to the successive books, and some of these might be borderline LitRPG.

William D. Arand - Super Sales on Super Heroes
Michael Atamanov - Video Game Plotline Tester
Travis Bagwell - Awaken Online
Noah Barnett - Gun Meister Online
Robert Bevin - Critical Failures
Edward Castle - Challenge: Unbound Deathlord
Michael Chatfield - Trapped Mind Project: Emerilia
Luke Chmilenko - Ascend Online
Ernest Cline - Ready Player One
Blaise Corvin - Delvers LLC
Randy Darren - Wild Wastes
Michael-Scott Earle - Tamer: King of Dinosaurs
Drew Hayes - NPCs
Neven Iliev - Morningwood: Everybody Loves Big Chests
Aleron Kong - The Land series
Dakota Krout - Divine Dungeon
Shemer Kuznits - Life Reset
Vasily Mahanenko - Way of the Shaman
Alexei Osadchuk - Project Daily Grind
Daniel Schinhofen - Alpha Company

Thanks again for the suggestions! Keep them coming!

message 6: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Jones I know Fayroll has the first 3 books on audible, but be warned: some people didn't like the narrator and others loved him.

message 7: by Chuck (new)

Chuck McIntyre (jithrae) | 37 comments Arthur Stone / Mikhail Yagopov - The Weirdest Noob (trilogy is on audiobook)
James A Hunter - Viridian Gate (all available)

There are others, but I wouldn't go so far as to recommend them.

That said, why listen at 1.5x? I enjoy the audio performances in fiction books (the good ones anyway) and i feel you miss out at high speed. Just curious...

message 8: by Zi Cat (new)

Zi Cat | 3 comments Try J. Zachary Pike’s Orconomics. Not “strict” LitRPG but set up like an RPG game and talks also about the financial aspect of quests, loot etc. as well as a really entertaining story.

message 9: by Crissy (new)

Crissy Moss (crissymoss) | 29 comments Ascend Online. Reading/listening to book two after finishing one and three and it's such a rich world. The narrator is great at acting out the different characters and giving them individual voices.

message 10: by Sergio (new)

Sergio Aliaga | 1 comments I know this is a old thread and all but I figure you might still want some suggestions. I just caught up with the “The game” series by Terry Schott. It’s a pretty neat storyline and I believe the narrator is the same one from “The Land” and he’s awesome at bringing the characters to life.

message 11: by Kenzie (new)

Kenzie Lewis Sergio wrote: "I know this is a old thread and all but I figure you might still want some suggestions. I just caught up with the “The game” series by Terry Schott. It’s a pretty neat storyline and I believe the n..."

His name is Nick Podehl and I agree, he is an amaaaaaaazing narrator! I seriously thought there were multiple voice actors when I overheard my boyfriend listening to "The Land" (Now of course I'm listening to them myself. Currently on book 5)

message 12: by RandomLibrarian (new)

RandomLibrarian | 2 comments The change in speed always throws off the pitch of the narrator and bothers me. I can sympathize with wanting to increase the speed though.

message 13: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Burgos | 5 comments Michael Thoe, are the books you listed in order of how much you like them? Or just a run down on everything that you’ve read thus far?

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