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message 1: by Paddy (new)

Paddy Flavin | 3 comments Take a quick look at my website to see examples of how to drive traffic to Amazon to buy my book. The press and TV showed interest and gave us good exposure which led to full price sales being achieved. The challenge now is how to keep up the momentum- help!

message 2: by Rajiv (new)

Rajiv Bakshi (authorrajivbakshi) | 13 comments Congratulations

message 3: by Donna (new)

Donna Cummins (goodreadscomdonna_cummins) | 52 comments FREE ! FREE! FREE! Rain of Terror, Book 1 in The Blacklick Valley Mystery Series, will be FREE on Amazon from Friday, August 24 through Monday, August 27. Get yours now at:

A spine-tingling, edge-of-your-seat Mystery/Thriller named to Best Kindle Books of 2015 by Digital Books Today. Love to hear your comments in a Review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Rain of Terror (A Blacklick Valley Mystery #1) by Donna Cummins Donna Cummins

message 4: by Aryan (new)

Aryan Dhiman | 6 comments Tribute to The Victims of 9/11 Attacks who were unaware of any religion or grief still fate made no relief


And Share your reviews about the Book.

message 5: by Camille (last edited Sep 14, 2018 12:35PM) (new)

Camille Marino (camillemarino) | 9 comments *$.99** FIVE DAYS ONLY
#uncensored: inside the animal liberation movement

In this best-selling memoir, an astonishing odyssey rapidly unravels in raw and compelling narrative. Repeated arrests and censorship campaigns were designed to neutralize an influential activist. Relentless personal betrayals, cyber bullying, and sabotage, however, were designed to punish her for being a woman.

message 6: by R.L. (new)

R.L. Bull | 6 comments

The apocalypse has already happened.

Humanity fought, and won, but paid a heavy price.

No one expected it to happen again.

message 7: by R.L. (new)

R.L. Mosz (roey) | 39 comments Curandero by R.L. Mosz

Curandero by R. L. Mosz

A thought-provoking, compilation of true events interwoven into a fictitious story:

Conventional treatment has failed to cure twenty-seven-year-old Stefan Campeau, and he’s left with only months to live.

He meets "The Curandero,” whose alternative therapies pull him back from the brink of death.

But is mysterious Dr. Calderón a holistic fraud or a miracle worker? Explore one patient’s dark ride into the realm of mind-body medicine and beyond.

message 8: by Lyan (new)

Lyan Al-Sabti (lyan99) | 1 comments Giving Form to Air by Lyan Alsabti

Arab American high schooler Maralyn has to complete her creative Project Video for college applications coming up.

She will need to impress her teachers, peers, and Katrina.
But what about herself, and will she recognize her own uncertainties?

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Flowers of the Forest is a wonderful book. It made me laugh. It made me cry. It made me think about the war (any war) in a different way. It answered questions I never even thought to ask. I felt closer to Farquhar McClennan as more than just a mention of his name decades ago. It's definitely a great read. Thank you, Rick, for writing this book." - Glenys Davies
Available online with a direct book link to Amazon, Kobo, B&N, iBooks and Chapters at the website below.

message 10: by ForestRage (new)

ForestRage ForestRage | 3 comments Have a go at my first book, a fantasy novel set in a Medieval world with a twist. The Red Lands is out on Amazon Kindle.

message 11: by Tish (new)

Tish Robbins (mimsjay) | 89 comments Hi check out my fantasy novel Portal Of The Revenant which will be free for the next five days.

Life had always been wonderfully uncomplicated for Cassie Simmons, until both of her parents were killed suddenly in a horrific car crash. Her life spiralled out of control and she found herself caught up haze of drugs, alcohol and self-harming, trying to blot out the pain with her older sister Chrissie. When Chrissie almost died of alcohol poisoning, Cassie received a wakeup call and decided to pull her life together by getting a job as a waitress. For a while, life is safe and predictable for Cassie until she notices an attractive stranger watching her at work. The last thing she expects him to do is to inform her that she is a witch who has magical powers and that her powers will multiply even more on her 21st birthday. Things get even more confusing when she finds out his name is Chase, that he is her guardian Angel, and it is his mission to protect and guide her to fulfil her destiny, which is sealing a magical portal shut to stop a shape shifting demon from unleashing hell on earth.

message 12: by Thomas (new)

Thomas Goyette | 22 comments Hey yall, I wanted to let everyone here know that until Sunday my YA dystopian fantasy novel is up on Amazon for FREE. I'd love to get it in your hands and have some feedback if you like it. I'm working on a saganow and am about halfway through book 2 out of maybe 7 but it keeps growing.

We've hit the #1 best sellers list on Amazon before, right now We are sitting at #25.

Feel free to grab a free digital copy and send some feedback.

Much love,

Tom G. Wicked Rebirth

message 13: by B. (last edited Jan 30, 2019 08:53AM) (new)

B. Lee | 2 comments Animal Killer

Animal Killer, is now available on Amazon in Paperback and eBook. #animalkillerthenovel. #animallovers.


Despite all his accomplishments while alive, Louie’s journey into the afterlife is anything but peaceful. Instead, he is confronted with a chilling demand for justice for his cruelty and slaughter of the many animals he hunted while alive. After a terrifying trial to determine where he will spend eternity, he is sent to a hellish world where he becomes the hunted. There, his soul is stalked and tormented by the very animals he murdered. As he struggles to survive, an infinite and unforgiving animal army want nothing less than his total annihilation. Will Louie escape and save his soul, or will he be lost to the abyss?

The thought-provoking story of the Animal Killer is a spiritual journey into the afterlife revealing the power of forgiveness, the true meaning of life, and our call to love one another.

You can obtain a copy of the book from Amazon here:

message 14: by James (new)

James (james_marchiori) | 2 comments To My Beloved Heart, The Last Journey Of Edgar Allan Poe

Celebration of the Gothic gloom in an intense theme throughout the literary nineteenth century. Gordon Pym, Alice in Wonderland and Jules Verne as a universal view of travelling. This novel pays a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe and his tormented life. After his spouse’s death, suffering from a devastating condition of neglect, Edgar leaves New York and try to save his soul from demons and desolation. Headed to Italy he needs to face the abyss he has constantly tried to escape. A terrible shipwreck forces him to cross the darkest lands of Europe. Backed by some enigmatic fellow travellers, he fights for his own life, realising it’s still worth it, but an unexpected mystery will drive him to vindicate an abominable outrage to his heart, his beloved heart.

Thanks in advance for your time!

message 15: by Robert (new)

Robert Ullrich (robert_m_ullrich) | 25 comments My debut novel, "Evolution of a Killer, A Lazarus Solaris Novel" will be FREE to download Feb 11,12,13. Get to know the history of Lazarus Solaris, and how a seven year old orphan evolved into the internationally renowned assassin - the Chameleon. The follow-up to Evolution, "Family Matters, A Lazarus Solaris Thriller" will be available on Amazon March 15th!

message 16: by Khan (new)

Khan Nasrullah | 9 comments My book , TALES FROM ASIA, is free:

Would love to get your feedback.

message 17: by Aidan (new)

Aidan Nally | 26 comments Hi everyone,
Hello February.
New release available now
17 & Life

The amazon sites have it live now.

message 18: by Medea (new)

Medea Kalantar (goodreadscomhoneycake) | 2 comments Hi everyone, I’m a new self published author for a children’s books series called honeycake. My first grandchild will be born next month. This is why I got inspired to write these books. I know that if we instil these valuable lessons to our youth at an early age, we can shift the universe into a positive direction.
Blessings of Love and Light

message 19: by Maricar (new)

Maricar Banguis | 1 comments Otuna's Flute - A new fantasy book for kids and kids at heart!

The holidays are quickly approaching, which, for nine-year-old Jimmy, means a whole summer of making friends, discovering secrets, and, best of all, going on extraordinary adventures.

Or so he thinks—but when his parents get called away on a business trip to New York, Jimmy finds himself facing the summer alone at his grandmother’s house. Great—while his friends travel the world, he’ll lie around, bored to tears.

But his grandmother’s house is not all it seems, and adventure might not be so far away after all. Lured by a mysterious song to the attic, Jimmy finds among the old boxes a mysterious glass flute. When he raises it to his lips and gently blows, Boston is left behind—and Jimmy finds himself facing the drawn bow of a startled huntsman in a forest he’s never seen before.

As he explores this faraway land and tries to find his way home, Jimmy will meet strange creatures, new friends, and cunning foes. Rumor has it that the king, hidden away in the city of Verunia, has been searching for a favored relic of his lost wife: an old glass flute with magical properties…

Otuna's Flute
Otuna's Flute by Maricar Banguis

message 20: by Emily (new)

Emily Brown | 41 comments Delicious and warming up soups for freezing winter

message 21: by Declan (new)

Declan Mc | 4 comments Hey!

'An Addicts Poem'
My recently published book, a collection of poetry concerning addiction in today's society. Available on Amazon and all online bookstores.
Check out for samples.

message 22: by Tish (new)

Tish Robbins (mimsjay) | 89 comments Hi. Check out my adult short stories which are FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

message 23: by Terri (new)

Terri Bechtold (terripeelbechtold) | 2 comments Mothers and Daughters...the Magical Bond...that lasts...
For Infinity and Beyond!

Check out my book, For Infinity and Beyond, which beautifully shares why it is important to always be grateful for ordinary moments spent together and about the memories that are made that lasts for generations and For Infinity and Beyond!

message 24: by Tish (new)

Tish Robbins (mimsjay) | 89 comments Check out my new ‘Chick lit’ short story following the ups and downs in the life of thirty something mother of two Melissa Marshall.

A Day (or two) In The Life of Melissa Marshall (Walking In My Shoes Book 1)

message 25: by Tish (new)

Tish Robbins (mimsjay) | 89 comments Check out my books which will be FREE for the next 5 days.

Chick lit ’A Day (or two) In The Life Of Melissa Marshall

A Day (or two) In The Life of Melissa Marshall (Walking In My Shoes Book 1)

Adult short story ’A Blast From The Past’


message 26: by Mary (new)

Mary Lynn (artisanbookreviews) | 8 comments Two fabulous award winning book review and book promotion websites.
Authors and readers are raving about these blogs.
Visit them and be inspired and entertained.
If you are an author, they can make your book shine with their captivating book reviews and increase your sales through their effective and "targeted" marketing campaigns.

message 27: by Tish (new)

Tish Robbins (mimsjay) | 89 comments Check out my new book 'WET DREAMS ABOUT THE BOSS'

message 28: by Rita (new)

Rita Chapman | 163 comments Missing in London
Book #3 in the Anna Davies Mystery Series

Arthur Hambledon, Anna’s best-selling author, has just finished his latest book which he says “will raise some eyebrows.” Then Arthur disappears, along with the manuscript.

Anna Davies is working in London as a Senior Editor for a respected Publishing Company. When her most famous author goes missing, Anna is determined to find out what happened to him.

Large Print edition:

Amazon UK

Missing in London (Anna Davies Mystery Book 3) by Rita Lee Chapman

I'm looking for authors to interview during March on my website at If anyone is interested please contact me through the website.

message 29: by Tish (new)

Tish Robbins (mimsjay) | 89 comments Check out my short ADULT story. 'DIRTY LITTLE SECRET'

When Maya decided to meet the guy she had been chatting to on the net in person, she didn't realise that he would be so hot, or that she would be so attracted to him. Sparks fly and as the sexual chemistry between them intensifies, will the fact that she is in a relationship with someone else stop her from going past the point of no return with the stranger from the internet?

message 30: by Tish (new)

Tish Robbins (mimsjay) | 89 comments Check out my latest ADULT short story which is FREE with kindle unlimited.

Sophie had had a crush on her best friend's hot Uncle Nate for as long as she could remember and was frustrated that he just saw her as a kid. At the age of sixteen she had tried to kiss him at his wedding hoping to seduce him but it had backfired leaving her feeling humiliated. Years later when she bumps into him unexpectedly, she realises that her crush on him has developed into so much more. Will she be able to convince him to see her as more than just the little girl who happened to be his niece's best friend?

message 31: by Rita (new)

Rita Chapman | 163 comments Missing at Sea
Book #2 in the Anna Davies Mystery Series

Three years on from Egypt, Anna Davies embarks on her first cruise with best friend Sandra. A few days into the holiday they are woken by three blasts from the ship’s foghorn, indicating that someone has fallen overboard. A woman is lost at sea; the ship turns around to search for her, but she has disappeared into the night.

Was it suicide? Did she lose her balance and fall - or was there foul play involved? Did her husband push her? Would anyone be able to prove whether this was murder or an unfortunate accident?

What a perfect place to stage a murder!


Large Print:


Amazon UK:
Missing at Sea (Anna Davies Mystery Series #2) by Rita Lee Chapman

message 32: by Emily (new)

Emily Brown | 41 comments Hi everybody!
My new book is free today! Check it out

message 33: by Emily (new)

Emily Brown | 41 comments Hey all, my book is free today again

message 34: by D.R. (new)

D.R. Markham | 30 comments Involuntary Admissions

A gripping new medical/psychological thriller available on Amazon.

For Paperback

For E-book

message 35: by Tish (new)

Tish Robbins (mimsjay) | 89 comments Check out my adult short stories HOLIDAY LOVE and DON'T SAY A WORD which is FREE with KINDLE UNLIMITED.

message 36: by Emily (new)

Emily Brown | 41 comments Hello everybody,
My salad cookbook is free today!

message 37: by Hattie (new)

Hattie Lou (hattielou) | 1 comments My name is Hattie Lou. I recently released my first novel. It's about romance. “Better With You” is only $2.99 on Amazon and free for Kindle Unlimited!


Tate and I had a unique bond. We started out as friends but ended up dating. He was the center of my world until one day when he just up and left without a trace. Tate left behind two important things, his baseball glove and my broken heart.


I knew from the first moment I met Harper that she was special. She was more than just a girl who was my best friend. She meant everything to me. Asking her to be my girlfriend is something that I never regretted. I just wish I could have stayed. I loved that girl with all of my heart and it pained me to walk away from her, but what choice did I have?


Harper arrives in Boston to get away from everyone including her fiancé. She wants to be alone so she can think. Little does she know Tate lives in Boston. He is no longer the boy that she used to date but is now a grown man with tattoos. The plan was to take time away to clear her mind. Plans have suddenly changed. Seeing Tate has made Harper question her future and her heart.

If you like the book make sure to leave a comment on Goodreads or Amazon so I can read it.

message 38: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Bonilla (jeffbonilla1) | 6 comments Hello,
I'm not sure if this section is to ask questions or simply promote your titles.
After 25 years of not receiving royalties for a book we wrote in the early 90's, we finally got the rights back and just decided to self publish on Amazon. The book has received accolades across the country over the years and has become a classic in the law enforcement community. Now hopefully we can spread the word that it's back on the market. If you know of anyone that may be interested in the topic please pass the word. We have a kindle and paperback now.

message 39: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Bonilla (jeffbonilla1) | 6 comments We created a website blog for a humorist and this cover for his book. It's definitely a gag type of book for guys. But I do have to say it's a brilliant title.
Shart Stories and Other Crap.

message 40: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Bonilla (jeffbonilla1) | 6 comments Emily wrote: "Hey all, my book is free today again"

Looks like a great book. I don't cook but maybe I'll gift it to someone. Best of luck!

message 41: by Jeff (new)

Jeff Bonilla (jeffbonilla1) | 6 comments Congrats on your first novel. I'm Looking forward to reading it. Just downloaded it. Very interesting premise.
I'm in the middle of working on my first one as well.

B. wrote: "Animal Killer

Animal Killer,
is now available on Amazon in Paperback and eBook. #animalkillerthenovel. #animallovers.


message 42: by Neil (new)

Neil Rivera (neilrivera) | 5 comments Snap out of depression and boost your motivation.

Read the inspirational and heart-warming short story: TWO ROADS.

Now available on amazon.

Two roads is free to download on

Thursday, April 18, 2019, 12:00 am PDT.

Mark your calendar and grab your copy. Don't forget to leave a review. Enjoy reading!

message 43: by Anand (last edited Apr 19, 2019 10:25PM) (new)

Anand Gautam | 3 comments FREE COPY OF MY SHORT AND WARM POETIC LOVE STORY - 'A WALK THROUGH THE SEASONS' on 21 and 22 April 2019. Make sure to grab your copy.
And, please review the book. It helps a lot!
Thank you : : :

message 44: by Brian (new)

Brian Christopher (brianchristopher) | 9 comments The Puzzlemaker: Murder Is Only A Word Away


After 10 years service as a cryptographer with MI6 during the cold war, the extremely shy and reclusive George Withers becomes editor and compiler of the Sunday Times crossword.
30 years later and now in his 60's, an old MI6 colleague asks him to place a code within the Sunday Times cryptic crossword puzzle. Unknown to him, this results in a number of gruesome deaths. The father of one of the victims discovers the puzzle maker had something to do with his son's death, and goes on the hunt. Now George has to solve his own puzzle to save his own life.

message 45: by Tish (new)

Tish Robbins (mimsjay) | 89 comments Check out my fantasy novel 'PORTAL OF THE REVENANT' which is on sale for 99p,

Life has always been safe and predictable for Cassie Simmons until she notices an attractive stranger watching her at work. The last thing she expects him to do is to inform her that she is a witch who has magical powers and that her powers will multiply even more on her 21st birthday. Things get even more confusing when she finds out his name is Chase, that he is her guardian Angel, and it is his mission to protect and guide her to fulfil her destiny, which is sealing a magical portal shut to stop a shape shifting demon from unleashing hell on earth.

message 46: by Rita (new)

Rita Chapman | 163 comments Missing in Egypt $1.25
Book 1 in the Anna Davies Mystery Series

Missing in Egypt will intrigue you with its twists and turns, romance and adventure as well as its insights into Australian and Egyptian cultures. Australian Anna Davies travels to Egypt with her lover to help him search for his brother, who disappeared whilst on holiday. The Valley of the Kings, Abu Simbel and the Temple of Karnak are amongst the settings for their search. Will they be able to track him down and find him alive - or is Ramy already dead? What tragedies await Anna and Kareem as they come closer to retracing his footsteps? This fast-paced action plot will keep you guessing until the end.

Missing in Egypt (Anna Davies Mystery Series #1) by Rita Lee Chapman

message 47: by Brian (new)

Brian Christopher (brianchristopher) | 9 comments Download FREE for Easter!

The Puzzlemaker: Murder Is Only A Word Away

message 48: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Evans (jennifereevans) | 69 comments Hi everyone - check out my new book Virgins at Sea, a comedy/mystery available at Amazon now

message 49: by Pavel (new)

Pavel Stanishev Greetings!

I'm so excited that my first ever book is now available!
It's on Amazon and currently being FREE (for a few more hours only). The name is Enjoy Food!: ...and the top myths that still prevent you from doing so and as of now it's roaming around Amazon Top 100 Free Best Sellers in Healthy Living.


Get your free copy now and share your thought on it - I'd appreciate it a LOT.

Thanks! :)

message 50: by Ray (new)

Ray Merrill | 2 comments Hello everybody, I am searching for Amazon reviewers, if you are interested, I recently released a memoir titled SHATTERED MEMORIES: ADDICTED. I'd appreciate it if you have time, browse through my book. I am interested in reviewing your book in return for an honest review. If this sparks any interest, please let me know. Thanks!

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