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message 1: by Flyingbroom (new)

Flyingbroom | 183 comments Hello,

the cover on [ISBN 0722538073 (ISBN13: 9780722538074)] is wrong. It should actually be the one shown here:

Can you please replace it?



message 2: by Cullen (new)

Cullen Kisner (cullen_leeann) | 83 comments Hello!

It looks like the new cover you are requesting is just simply another edition of the book. We do not replace covers, only add new editions that reflect changes in covers. So, one book can have multiple covers in the Goodreads database.

I see that you are reading this book currently. If you would like to change the cover on your currently reading shelf to reflect the book you are reading, follow this link below to see all editions of the book. Then, select the correct edition you have simply click "Switch to this edition" to update the cover image for your profile.

message 3: by Flyingbroom (new)

Flyingbroom | 183 comments Hi cullen,

I see what you mean, but I actually got the "wrong" edition by scanning the correct one. It's a bit odd...

message 4: by Flyingbroom (new)

Flyingbroom | 183 comments And by the way, the publishing date is also incorrect - it should be 2014 and not 2003.

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