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In Sheep's Clothing: Book 1 (The Nexus Nebula Saga)
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Kevin C Hensley Hi everyone!
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For fans of Animal Farm and the works of Richard Adams. In Sheep's Clothing: Book 1 is the story of Snapper, a young sheep growing up under the oppressive rule of the Chugg Corporation. Pigs own the world as Snapper knows it. Dogs and birds uphold the pigs' rule, but are just as controlled as the sheep themselves.
Hiding an unexplained power to heal wounds by magic, Snapper lives day by day trying to dodge a snooping pig who is out to make him conform or else.
Snapper's father, Old-Timer, urges him to keep his head down for his own safety. Unbeknownst to Snapper, however, Old-Timer is busy doing what he can to protect others from the pigs' abuse. This includes Dreamer, another young sheep who, like Snapper, is concealing an amazing special ability that puts her life at risk.
Meanwhile, hope for the sheep arrives in the form of two otherworldly creatures. Snapper never put much stock in the tales of patron gods of sheep, dogs, and birds, but in this mysterious pair, he and Dreamer may find the key to freeing their people from Chugg's grip.

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Kevin C Hensley Free today until midnight Pacific time!

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