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message 1: by ❀ Susan (new)

❀ Susan G (susanayearofbooksblogcom) | 3667 comments Mod
Greetings everyone... I struggled to type the word August into this topic. It is hard to believe that we are entering the 8th month. The summer is flying by.

It has been a busy month for many of us and the posts have been quieter and the books read seems to be less but hopefully that jus means that we are all spending more time outside and enjoying the great weather!

What have you been enjoying reading? What is on your bedside table? How are your BINGO and Cross-Canada Challenges going?

Have a great Friday!!

message 2: by Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺ (last edited Jul 27, 2018 05:13AM) (new)

Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺ (allisonhikesthebookwoods) | 1758 comments Good morning! I just finished listening to The Bat this morning. It was my first Jo Nesbø book and I was less than impressed. I figured out who the killer was early on and ended up bored for much of it. There were also a couple of things that made no sense to me. Like using a civilian to bait a serial killer. Wouldn't an undercover cop be more appropriate for the job? Sorry to unload all that here, but it's fresh on my mind!

I am reading Bellman & Black this week by Diane Setterfield. So far, it's just okay. Certainly no The Thirteenth Tale! She has a new book set to come out soon, which prompted me to read this one.

I'm pretty much on track with Bingo and Cross-Canada, but barely at 15/25 and 7/13 respectively. Once I get through all those NetGalleys I still have to read, I'll get cracking on the challenges!

Next week, I'm off work so I'm looking forward to lots of family time, and hopefully plenty of reading time too! Tonight, my husband and I are going to see Bryan Adams since I won free tickets at work. Great way to kick off my holidays!

message 3: by Story (new)

Story (storyheart) Bryan Adams....what an exciting start to your holiday, Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺! I'm envious.

I'm in the middle of The Death of Mrs. Westaway which is okay so far but I'm not sure why it's getting such rave reviews. I'm tempted to skip ahead to the end.

And I'm listening to an old favourite, Zadie Smith's White Teeth. I'd forgotten how funny it is.

Wishing you all a happy JULY week. ( could you bring up the "A" word? Too soon, too soon, too soon.)

message 4: by Susan (new)

Susan | 779 comments Happy Friday!

This week I finished Mother's Milk, the fourth Patrick Melrose novel. It was good but I'm a little surprised it was shortlisted for the Booker, as I'm not sure what it would have been like to read it as a stand-alone novel.

I'm still reading The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist: A True Story of Injustice in the American South and am also reading Rivers, which is a dystopian novel set after the U.S. government has given up on some of the southern states because there is near-constant extreme weather in that region. So far, it's a good read. This is my second book by this author - he's gritty but the other novel I read was not dystopian.

I have stalled on Canadian reading because I'm reading for a book fest in 3 weeks (so much still to read!) but will return to tackling the bingo and cross-Canada challenges after that. I think I'm at 19 bingo squares and 8 cross-Canada done, so that's not too bad.

Have a great time at the Bryan Adams concert, Allison!

message 5: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (lisafriel) | 235 comments Happy Friday!

My book slump might be over. This week I read The Sisters Brothers for our group read and I only have about 60 pages left in Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. I have enjoyed both books immensely! The Sisters Brothers I was surprised about as I didn't think I would like a Western. It is very well written with lots of humour. Pachinko is a great historical novel set in Korea and Japan. I am learning lots about cultures I didn't know much about. Anxious to finish, but afraid to pick it up again. I have so much to do today and have company all weekend.

Have a great week!

message 6: by ✿✿✿May (new)

✿✿✿May  | 777 comments TGIF!!
@Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺, enjoy the concert!!

This week I finished The Sisters Brothers and The Mysterious Affair at Styles. I liked many parts of The Sisters Brothers for its dark humour,and grew very fond of Eli at the end for his gentle soul, but the ending was just not satisfying for me.
I watched the movie Murder on the Orient Express and the "bonus material" last weekend on the DVD and I want to rekindle my relationship with Agatha Christie's books again, so I am starting Book One with Hercule Poirot. Let's see how far I can go :)

Also started Educated and about 1/2 way through The Count of Monte Cristo.
Have a great weekend everyone!

message 7: by Michelle (new)

Michelle | 18 comments Allison, the bat is one of nesbos first stories and my least favorite.

I finished Orphan Train last night and it was an interesting story, nicely written. I didn't know anything about the history of the orphan trains so that part was great. Story itself was okay.

message 8: by Petra (new)

Petra | 725 comments @ Alison hikes the bookwoods: congratulations on winning those Bryan Adams tickets. That's a terrific win. Enjoy the evening.

@Storyheart: I didn't realize that White Teeth was a humorous book. It's been on my bookshelf for years. I better pull it out and read it. Thanks!

I finished the Cazalet series. The final book (All Change) was good but also disappointing in some ways. I think the series could have ended with Volume 4 or continued into a Volume 6. I also didn't like how some of the characters ended up, both their characters and their futures. Despite that, I can't complain about this family saga. The family is warm and I enjoyed their story a lot.

I also finished Other People's Houses and thought it was "blah". I found it repetitive and slow moving.

Last night I chose a random book on my ereader and was instantly pulled into the story: The Past Is Never. I don't remember purchasing this one (maybe I need to check out my ereader library more often? LOL!)

message 9: by Heather(Gibby) (new)

Heather(Gibby) (heather-gibby) | 435 comments Hello everyone, I can't believe that July is almost over!

This week I read Jar City an Icelandic detective story which my sister brought back for me when she visited Iceland last fall.

I listened to Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls Which was fun look behind the scenes of some of Lauren Grahams many projects.
Now I am into a non-fiction book called Irregular War: ISIS and the New Threat from the Margins which looks at the reasons beind the formation of ISIS and how the USA is viewed by some of the people of the middle east. So far it has been quite enlightening, but pretty heavy duty reading.

message 10: by Gail (new)

Gail Amendt | 173 comments Hi everyone! I too am shocked that July is almost over. I found time for quite a bit of reading this week. I finished The Boat Who Wouldn't Float, and then quickly devoured Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows, which was an absolute delight. I am now reading The Skystone. I really had no intention of getting hooked on another series, but I think I am going to be. I didn't expect to like it, as I usually care for neither Romans nor the King Arthur legend, but the friends who kept trying to get me to read this were right after all.

After this book is complete, I only have two books left for my Bingo challenge. I am procrastinating on the Margaret Atwood selection, and obviously I can't do the Giller prize book yet. I have six books left to read for the Cross Canada challenge. Cross Canada has turned out to be very rewarding as it prompted me to read the books that have led to my vacation plans. After reading Late Nights on Air and A Discovery Of Strangers, I had such a strong urge to visit the north that my family and I are off on a road trip to the Northwest Territories next Friday!

message 11: by ❀ Susan (new)

❀ Susan G (susanayearofbooksblogcom) | 3667 comments Mod
Late checking in today but still in a bit of a book draught. Have been slowly enjoying The English Patient and was excited to receive an ARC of Starlight today. I now that there are many lovers of Richard Wagamese in this group so I will be happy to share my thoughts on the book.

In audio, I just started People of the Book which I am starting to be drawn into.

This week, we went to Toronto and saw Daniel Silva. Although i have never read his thrillers, he is my husbands favourite author and he was interesting to listen too. It was the first book event (other than Hillary Clinton's engagement) where my purse was searched and there were over 1000 people in the synagogue where it was held.

Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺ Bellman and Black was such a disappointment after the amazing Thirteenth Tale. i hope that the new one is better! Brian Adams sounds like fun... nice to have a blast from the past!

@Storyheart - sorry but the A word is coming so soon!!

@Gail - wow! Great job on being so far into the BINGO and I am jealous of your trip to the NWT!!!

Allison ༻hikes the bookwoods༺ (allisonhikesthebookwoods) | 1758 comments I can handle the “A” word. It’s the “S” word that makes me cringe!

message 13: by Story (new)

Story (storyheart) ❀ Susan wrote: "@Storyheart - sorry but the A word is coming so soon!! "

Fingers in ears, singing la-la-la-la-I-can't-hear-you!

@Petra, I hope you enjoy White Teeth...the characters and dialog just burst off the page. I've read all her books but this is the only one I love.

@Gail, so glad to hear you enjoyedErotic Stories for Punjabi Widows...I've got on my tbr and will move it up.

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